Monday, 20 May 2013

Monday, Monday

Just a quick post today so as to have more reading time for these.

  Recommended by my friend A in Essex, I wasn't too sure at first as I hadn't read family saga type books for years. I ordered from the library and volumes 2 ,3,and 4 arrived last month so I had to wait for this months library van visit to get hold of volume 1. And once I got into it found it a very good read.
 Next a message to my friend G in Co Mayo. :-)

The reason for sitting down, reading and resting my back  is because I spent this morning baking a big batch of cakes, many will be put in the freezer. These are what I call Man Cakes - plain-ish sort of things that men seem to like best!
 Shortcakes, sultana buns, a vanilla sponge and some shortbread biscuits. The sponge could have done with an extra few minutes as the darn thing sank in the middle after coming out of the oven. Mind you, once a homemade blackcurrant/mixed fruit jam and a little vanilla butter cream was added it tasted very good - Well I had to test it didn't I?
Him Outside is doing his 3-days-a-month inspection job until Thursday so there was no-one else here to try the cake! That's my excuse!
Back Tomorrow ( thanks to all for yesterdays comments about our garden- There are some bits that are not so tidy which I don't take photos of!)


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