Monday, 13 May 2013

Car boot success and a good read.

First of all, before I forget, thank you to everyone for comments after Saturdays Post, all the "regulars" especially Karen at Chelmarsh, Pam at Tydd, Sara from way up north and two new visitors - Fantics Antics and The Domestic Storyteller. All comments much appreciated as always ( so I know there is "Somebody out there"!)
 These two little tins at the top of the page, are the only things I found at yesterdays car boot sale for 50p each. Originally holding Christmas mugs from John Lewis' I was told, but absolutely perfect for holding a small Christmas cake to add to the hampers for family this year. We decided after Christmas 2012 that we really needed to spend less on extended family ( so don't worry H and J, M and R and A and B.  that doesn't mean you!!). For several years we had been giving a gift voucher and a small gift. This year it is small gift only. It was just getting too expensive.
We actually came home from the car boot sale over £80 richer, as we took all our junk that had been accumulating for the last 3 years since we last had a clear out. The weather was a bit chilly, and the turnout of visitors could have been better but considering we had things that  sold for 50p,£1, £2 and not much more we were pleased with the outcome. The remainder that we brought home has been sorted for disposal via charity shop or bin with the few books being added  to the shelves in the campsite recreation room and just a few bits put back in the roof cupboard for next time - 2016  I reckon! ( The £80 will be added to an ISA where we save Tax Free in the summer ready for the winter).
After the car boot unpacking and all the usual jobs of campsite and smallholding, I put my feet up and got this book finished. It was a really good read. Modern crime, the 5th in the series so far about a forensic archaeologist who works in the fictional North Norfolk University and lives on the wild coastal marshland around Blakeney. ( Although most of this book is set in Blackpool and on Pendle Hill in Lancashire.) They are not heavy going and not complicated nor psychological or weird.
Then I wrote a much overdue letter to my penfriend who lives on a very windy Scottish Island. By which time I was quite ready for bed.
Today I got busy with the hoover upstairs and downstairs, various bits of cleaning, chopping more kindling .WHY am I still having to do kindling in mid May? Because it's like blinkin' March here today! Finally a little weeding.
Him Outside has been loading an old trailer and some gang mowers onto our big trailer ready to take them to a Collective Auction up in Norfolk very soon, then taking the tractor and topper down the road to cut some very long grass at a second home.Finally cutting our grass here in the orchard which seems to be all dandelions this year. ( We don't have a lawn here on the smallholding, just patches of tatty grass!!)


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