Thursday, 23 May 2013

Waiting.................. for better weather and hospital appointments

I have lots of plants sitting in the greenhouse waiting for the weather to get better. We keep being told they we are to get gales and heavy rain, so far we have  had thunder, huge hail storms and showers, so I'm glad we didn't plant out the squash and pumpkins on the field as they would have been ruined by today's weather.
So I'm waiting..... and so are the runner beans, gradually getting taller in the greenhouse, the canes are ready but they would also suffer if it stays like this. I have 5 pots of nasturtiums to put into bigger pots and then to go outside - hail would soon damage them, so I'm waiting.......
Yesterday we spent hours waiting at the hospital for appointments. Now we have to wait again for Him Outside to be referred to a different department.
I'm NOT very good at waiting!!!


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