Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Traditional Suffolk Rusk Recipe and pictures.

Yesterday I put a picture of my baking on the blog and Pam From Tydd who lived in or  near Suffolk for a while mentioned Suffolk Rusks and someone else asked what they were. So as I was doing bread today I thought I'd bake and photo the Rusk recipe. When the children were all at home and I did a HUGE bake every week, I would make these while I was deciding what else to bake because I could do them without thinking!

Traditional  Suffolk Rusks Recipe.
8oz SR Flour
4oz Butter or hard spread ( I use Willow)
1 oz lard
1 egg
 Rub fats into flour and mix in the beaten egg.
Roll out to about 2cm thick,
cut into rounds, put on greased tray.
Cook for about 10 minutes at 170 for fan oven or Mk 7 for gas or whatever your equivalent is.
Until just colouring brown

 Tip each on edge and using the point of a sharp knife split into 2 where the crack is.

Pop back in oven

Until golden , about 3 or 4 mins.

These are very short and crumbly so sometimes they break . When this happens leave to cool a bit then eat all the broken bits with a little butter!!!! :-)

Leave them to cool and store in tin, they freeze well. Eat with a little butter and/or cheese and a tiny pinch of salt or dab of chutney. Very tasty. Traditionally  these were once made everywhere in Suffolk and taken by farm workers out to the fields for their morning 'bait'.

Cold and grey here today. The Lightweight camping association have all left. What a handy income that was!!
Also got my pay slip for the Poll Clerk job, which just covered the bill for campsite Electric Hook-Up Testing and Repairs. ( Leaving £4 for me!)
I finished The Light Years which is the  first book in The Cazalet Quartet By Elizabeth Jane Howard last night. My dilemma is do I go straight on to Book 2 or read something else first? Decisions,Decisions !


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