Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Winter - an Anthology and a then a book journey

This is an interesting little book made up of wintery words in prose and poetry from many different writers, from the 16th century up to 2016. Most of the more recent authors have a connection to their local Wildlife Trust and the books are raising money for those trusts. At the end of the book is a paragraph about each author.

My favourite pieces were by the more well known country writers, some live or lived in Norfolk or Suffolk. Roger Deakin, Adrian Bell and of course Ronald Blythe. Another name I recognised was Clare Leighton who was an author and illustrator using wood engravings. I know we had her book Four Hedges back when we sold country books at shows. The piece by her in this book is from The Farmers Year: A Calendar of English Husbandry. That sounds good I thought so looked it up on Amazon..........£40 and upwards .........maybe not then! 

 Spring,Summer and Autumn editions of  anthologies also edited  by Melissa Harrison  exist although the library doesn't have them in stock - oddly. I shall be suggesting  them soon

Looking up "Winter" on Amazon lead me to find this
a debut novel about Father and Son farmers in Suffolk haunted by something that happened in the past. I've ordered it from the library although there are several people waiting.
Then I was reading Random Jottings post HERE and looked to see if the library had the book she mentioned ......Jeanette Winterson - Christmas Days. I found they didn't have it in stock so hopped back to Amazon to find when it was published and spotted this...

book cover of 


which is described as a "Full length narrative Christmas Poem, which takes us round the world at Christmas".
If ever covers sell books I bet these two would.
Sadly the Library hasn't got this either, I'm not sure I can suggest too many - might bankrupt them!

 Welcome to new follower Lorraine and thank you for Christmas card comments yesterday.
And I have to just say how sad to see Sue at Our New Life in the Country has finished blogging after so many years. Reading her blog kept me in touch with smallholding. Will I be able to keep going for as many years as Sue did. I'm at 3½, Sue did 8 - pretty good going.Wonder who's been going longest of all the blogs I read?

Back tomorrow


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