Saturday, 17 December 2016

Whoops or............. to embarrass new neighbours without even trying!

The lady who is selling us her house invited us over for tea and cakes and invited some of the close neighbours round so we could meet them. Very nice too.

Conversation goes like this
One couple were telling us how long they had lived in their house, saying they had moved here from Essex and had found everyone very friendly.
Another couple had moved there from London and said how lucky they had been to find nice neighbours as they had friends who had moved into another Suffolk village and hadn't been made welcome at all.
First lady pipes up with "of course Suffolk people always say you have to have lived somewhere for 25 years before you can call yourself a local"
Second lady says " I think it might be even longer than that, some locals can be very know... unfriendly"

Conversation turns to where we have lived before as we'd already said we were in Ipswich but hadn't been there long. So we explained that we'd had a smallholding over near the coast for the last 23 years and before that we had lived in the villages of Bacton and Cotton just a few miles away across the other side of the A140.

"Oh you are local people then?"
Yes - I was born in Stowmarket and Colin in Bacton. Suffolk through and through!

Subject changed quickly!

There is a moral here I think!

Many Thanks for hat comments - I'm still not sure. There were just 4 of us wearing hats or fascinators at son's wedding so it's definitely going out of fashion now.
Apologies for not replying individually to comments, trying to write a post everyday and reading everyones December posts seems to be taking up all my time!

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  1. ha ha, oh I love an awkward moment like that, you just have to laugh!

    I love your hat. It was very becoming. I'm always in a hat or fascinator given half a chance, there is something so right about wearing a hat.

    Yes, trying to keep up with all the December posts and blogging daily is hard work. Lovely, but time consuming. x

  2. I had to smile Sue, I bet the conversation quickly changed to something else!!

    By the way I liked the hat, it looked very nice.

  3. Ha ha, only in England! I saw that because when my parents moved to their village in UK 50 odd years ago...they had lived there for eight years before they met the vicar one day who said 'Oh you are the new people, who've just moved in then'

    Seems some things don't change...not as 'bad' as it was, but still happens.

    How lovely though for the lady whose house you are buying to invite you round for tea and to meet the neighbours... that is how it should be and sadly that just happens so rarely now.

    1. My second sentence should say 'I say that' not I saw that! Wish there was an edit button!

  4. What a lovely thought to invite you for tea and to meet the neighbours.

    We live on the outskirts of a very cliquey village but I have to smile because what they don't know is that although Andy was born in Derbyshire we have found that his family came from Staffordshire and two of his ancestors are buried in the village churchyard. His Grandma and Grandad were also married in the village church-x-

  5. It seems to be a common thing to say because we were told the exact same thing when we moved to Northampton from Yorkshire.
    I don't think people dress up now as they used to. To me a hat is always compulsary at a wedding as it seems to finish off the outfit. Is that my Englishness/Britishness coming out, I wonder?

    Joan (Wales)

  6. I agree with Anon. These sort of things are said about everywhere I think. You will just have to show them how wrong they are won't you?

  7. I often get asked here in West Cork: "How long are you on holiday for?"

    I reply:

    "Fifteen years."

  8. Lol very funny. My family is very Suffolk. I'm trying to do the family tree and most of them seemed like they started out in Suffolk and ended up there too except a few oddities like me who went far away. I'm still a Suffolk gal at heart and after a few days back you can't tell I'm been away! Nice to meet your new neighbours though. They sound like a good bunch. It's very nice of the lady selling you the house to invite you round.

  9. Its the same around here, but everyone is very friendly with it.

  10. I expected that my neighbours would be a bit wary, being English in a very Welsh village, but in fact they were most welcoming. I have made some very good friends and love living here.

  11. I get it all the time when northerners or Liverpudlians are mentioned. The I get you don't sound like ONE! Double whammy. HaHa.

  12. What a lovely thing for the lady to do so you can get to know your neighbours. Laughing at the conversation, it's the sort of faux pas I'd make.

    Hats aren't as popular as they used to be at weddings but you were Mother of the groom so wearing one would be a must in my book :) xx

  13. I don't think it matters to be honest, it's what you do when you're there that makes you part of the area to me :)