Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A couple of quiet days

While the world and his wife is rushing around buying up trolleys full of food. Me and him have had a couple of quietish days.
On Monday we went over to Leiston to babysit Florence while our youngest went to the dentist. Florence was very interested to see us and wide awake and happy for an hour then grumpy when she got tired. Luckily her Mum came home then and we passed her back!
Back home to start the last of the hamper presents.Need to get them finished to deliver before Christmas. I spent half an hour searching for coloured cellophane bags that I knew were somewhere, just not where I thought. Found them at last and then the mini Dundee cakes wouldn't fit in them anyway. Resorted to cling film in absence of small tins which last year I was able to find at car boot sales. Still have a dilemma on how to pack the other things I'm making. The small kilner jars would have been OK but they are full of marmalade. Jam jars don't have a wide enough opening. I hope I can find something in one of the charity shops. I don't really want to buy anything new but might have to venture somewhere - like The Range or Dunelm- early tomorrow morning.

We had a phone call from our solicitor on Monday afternoon, or rather from her assistant. Solicitor is away now until JANUARY 16th..... nearly 4 weeks good grief and the stand in locum has pulled out at the last moment. So we can't complete the purchase until after then........how annoying is that. I had originally wanted to go with a big company in town but that was the company our seller is with so we couldn't. Harumph is all I can say!

Had a letter from the County Council  about Col's pension and he can definitely take it at 60 which is March. We will get a lump sum and then an annual sum. We can choose between a big lump sum and higher annual rate or a huge lump sum and lower annual rate. Given that Non Hodgkin's Lyphoma is treatable but never curable I think it had better be the latter choice. Not something that we ever thought we would need to think about but needs must. (Terrible grammar there!)

This morning we met with the MacMillan Cancer Benefits person  to see if Col is entitled to any more money after the end of December. We thought his benefits would end then but it seems that as he is in the support group they will continue until he retires in March.

I need to wander down to Aldi later for milk and then fruit from the greengrocers and that will be that until I wander down there again on Saturday.

Back Tomorrow


  1. I'm looking forward to a couple of quieter days on Friday and Saturday when all the housework is done and we are all tidy and ready for the festivities.

    I think I would probably say more than harumph with regard to the solicitor. How annoying.

  2. all quiet here no dashing about and I dont expect there will be any, avoiding shops is a pleasure, we have been discussing pensions and what if's at the week end a fiend I know through a sewing group suddenly lost hr husband in the afternoon on Sunday unxepected and she is about my age, its good to discuss these things I think :-)

  3. Just been out and non town shopping was remarkably quiet.

  4. I dont rush about any more at Christmas , Its all planed so that doesn't happen , Hope col has a healthier new year xxx

  5. I have everything done, apart from wrapping, and awaiting delivery of a bit or two in the post. Not used to being this prepared.

  6. All done here, not that I'm doing much this year anyway.
    When I see the sorts of holiday times taken by solicitors, I wonder if I made the wrong career choice! lol

  7. Good news re pension and benefits, it's always better in you pocket than theirs. There's something quite smug about being sorted when everyone else is running around.

  8. Do you have a pensions advisor? Sorry to be so ghoulish but as poor Col is suffering from an incurable illness, it's possible you might be better off taking the council pension's annuity and investing it with a different company who would take that illness into account.

    It's a long time since I dealt with pensions though so this advice might not be current and of course I don't know how the council pension works (and again, apologies for being a bit ghoulish).

    Best wishes to you both for the future.


  9. What a shame you can't complete on the other property until mid January - that's one very long holiday for the solicitor.

    Good news about the pension and the benefits.

    The weather is about to take a downturn here, so we'd best carry on with building that Ark!

  10. As lovely as they are, the best babies are definitely the ones you can hand back.

    I can understand your annoyance about the solicitor, 4 weeks is a long time for you to be treading water.

    Glad to hear Col's pension will come through and that you've decided which way to go with it. Hate that illness and finances always seem to go hand in hand. They're bad enough to deal with on their own but to have to deal with both things at once... xx

  11. You should try Home Bargin for jars etc. Much cheaper than Dunelm. Not sure where your nearest is tho. Or try the bargin shop near the big supermarket at Martlesham, think it might be a B&M. I'm having a home made / charity shop type Christmas as we are skint, so creative packaging is a must!

  12. Apparently solicitors earn enough to take long winter breaks! And breathe...x

  13. Your solicitors remind me of the ones we used back in January. To the point where I went to their office to have my say! It worked thankfully. I won't harp on about it but I do feel your frustration.
    I hope you guys get everything you're entitled to for Col.
    Yes, I agree with other posters that it's good to get these discussions done and out of the way, once a decision is reached you can continue with more important things.
    Hope you find the jar. I don't like rushing round although sometimes inevitable for me :( :)

  14. I'm enjoying quiet days myself. Finished work for Christmas and won't be joining my family for Christmas celebrations until Christmas Eve. So while the world goes mad I'm reading, watching catch up TV, blogging and clawing back some sanity. There is a lot to be said for quiet days.