Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas cards...........making and buying,sending and receiving.

I love receiving Christmas cards. I like to display them and enjoy for as long as possible.

I have two rules about buying cards -  they must be charity cards and they must not be full price. Hypercritical? Probably.

We send about 40 cards although not that many are posted. It's the only way we keep in touch with people from where we've lived in the past.

This year I'm writing in our new address and a note about Col's's taking an age, mainly because I keep putting off the actual doing.
I'm certainly not short of cards to write, I counted around 100, a few hand made and the rest from January sales or from car boot sales.

 Then there is the paper craft card making stuff - I could probably turn out another 50 or so easily, and I have some lovely 3D decoupage papers and card which I bought from Craft Creations 2 years ago, specially to make nice big cards for family.

Not forgetting cross-stitch - the opportunities are endless for that craft.

Notes to self

Buy NO cards in the January sales
Use the craft stuff to make family cards in 2017
Carry on stitching cards for friends for next Christmas

Colin has now been on the special tablets for 5 days, the only side effects so far are tiredness which could also be from finishing the steroids which he was on since coming out of hospital. Neither of us can remember exactly what the doctor said about the timescale of side effects so we will ask later in the week when we see the cancer nurse.

I hope something interesting happens today to photograph or my daily advent photos will grind to a halt!

Back Tomorrow.............or not, depends


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