Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Ideas for next years presents

Now Christmas is over here is a picture of one of the hampers I made for my sister and OH and Col's sister and OH. They were both the same except for the other basket I found at a car boot was square.
They had  home made Mango and Pepper Chutney, Cranberry Chutney, Orange and Whisky Marmalade and Lemon and Grapefruit Marmalade. Then a Tub of Drinking Chocolate, Mini Marshmallows and  White Chocolate sticks. Plus home made Rum Truffles, Mini Dundee Cake and last but not least - Chocolate spoons (mould from Lakeland several years ago) to stir and melt into the drinking chocolate.

Now I've given away my this year idea I need ideas for 2017's hampers please!

Thank you for many comments yesterday.
 For other frugal posts scroll down the blog until you come to Labels, click on Frugal Ways and you will find lots of posts from the past about our way of thrifty-ness. Of course most of these are from our life on the smallholding and things are different now, but being careful then is how we have savings ( The remainder of the smallholding sale money) and explains how we have survived the year here living on Col's Employment Support Allowance and the interest from the savings without actually having to dip into those savings very much at all.

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  1. Love a bit of forward planning, Sue. Get your thinking cap on. I am really hoping to plan making presents earlier this year, hopefully some things from the garden.

  2. A homemade hamper is a lovely gift.

  3. I think home-made hampers are a wonderful idea. I did a couple for our two sons and their partners a couple of years ago, really large ones (as it was their main present) which I filled over several months (no fresh produce such as cheese, but packets, bottles and jars) and the baskets weren't expensive. With festive tissue paper and ribbon to tie the handles together, they looked lovely. I even included a recipe book in each, one for veggie food and the other for bread making. You could even add the occasional inexpensive small kitchen gadget, too, could you not? I think hampers are lovely things and by buying your own things you could choose carefully, especially if you knew what kinds of foods the recipients enjoyed. And they are far better value for money than those you can buy ready made.
    Margaret P

  4. This year I baked Bara Brith for giving. I baked them fresh the day before and wrapped them in a new tin and tea towel. I included a handwritten card with the recipe and a couple of new wooden spoons tied onto the gift with ribbons. In the past I've made my Apricot Brandy Pound Cake, presented again with the recipe and a Bundt pan. You could also present any cakes/bakes on a lovely wooden chopping board.

  5. One present that's very popular in our family is almond paste stuffed dates and another is Lemon Cheese.
    My parents used to make trays of different flavoured fudge.
    Biscuits, ginger, shortbread plain or flavoured, are also good presents to give or receive. Sue

  6. Nip to Hobbycraft/the Range if there is one near you for festive bags/boxes for food gifts. They will be reduced.

    We make savoury biscuits, cheese and walnut stars and use mini christmas cutters.....stars or trees. make mini bundt cakes using a favourite recipe for a cherry /almond pound cake. Again, I got the bundt pans very cheaply in after Christmas sales. Just makes a change from a fruit cake. I also make the gift tags ( I know you are a card maker !) using a Sizzix and use old Christmas photos of the recipient........that's always well received. You could also pot up some bulbs in the run up to Christmas and include a nice hyacinth ready to bloom ?

    Rinty xxx

  7. It would be very thrifty if I could figure out how to distil my own rum! Captain Morgan has had a bit of a delpetion this Christmas.

  8. I love gift baskets for Christmas. Back when the kids were little and money really scarce my friend and I used to get together over at her Grandma's house (close by where we both worked evening shifts) after work and make jam and all kinds of goodies to put in baskets. Gifts made with love are the best!

  9. Your gift basket looks just lovely. I like the idea of chocolate spoons! I made up something for my sister, not in a basket but in a repurposed calico bag, that had gardening gloves, seed packets, soap, a little flower calendar and the like as she loves gardening. Meg:)

  10. Lovely items for the gift baskets. I've done smaller versions in the past and Eldest Daughter makes edible/drinkable gifts for her friends as a matter of course.

    I've done cake mixes in a Kilner jar, with the recipe stuck to the outside, and a wooden spoon tied on with ribbon (I know, old hat!) Also a special (pretty for ladies) mug filled with Whittards drinking choc and mini marshmallows etc. This year I made some snowflake-shaped biscuits (I'd bought a set of gorgeous cutters from TK-Maxx). One of the gifts was a biscuit barrel filled with these. Sorry I don't have much in the way of original thought this morning!

  11. Gift baskets are lovely. Next year try...filling a large mixing bowl with ingredients and measuring cup, spoons and all of the trimmings to make a recipe which could also be included. OR Everything deeded for a soak in the bath, lovely soap and loofa, bath pillow, a book all wrapped in a fluffy towel. Just things that have come into my head at the moment.

  12. Food gifts are nice. I received pear sauce and blueberry jam from our son and his wife, some sugar cookies. Good ideas for someone who doesn't have much money but the gifts are great and I enjoy it much. I've made cookies and fudge and bishop bread for gifts for friends and they enjoy. I look for discounted items after Christmas that's not real holiday looking to use on a different occasion. I like your ideas you shared! Thanks and Happy New Year!