Saturday, 3 December 2016

Murder at Christmas

The Hospice charity shop near us had a big display of Christmas books for sale but most of them are chick lit happy ever after books, I'd read a couple of the Trisha Ashley ones but not really my favourite sort of reading, although there seem to be lots published each year.
A quick look on Amazon and I saw Christmas at little Beach Street Bakery; Christmas at Lilac Cottage; Christmas at the Wedding Shop; Christmas Under the Stars; The Cosy Christmas Teashop and The Christmas Promise - all new this year. 

 I really prefer a bit of crime, but hadn't really come across any Christmas crime until a couple of years ago when British Library Crime Classics re-printed  the 1930's book Mystery in White.

 Since then other publishers have joined in and I have these two from the library for my Christmas reading. On the right a book of short stories including some from modern authors, on the left another gem from the past - first published in 1947. Although I was amused to see that when first out it didn't have the word Christmas in the title.

Back Tomorrow,  as entirely unintentionally I seem to have slipped in daily advent photo mode, just like  LAST YEAR



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