Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Christmas Basket

Yesterday we were at the wedding of our son and new daughter-in-law. Pictures will follow ASAP.

With a wedding in December and a couple who love Christmas  (their first dance was to "All I want for Christmas is you!) there were lots of festive themes going on and this is my lovely gift from the newly weds.
So pretty.................just hope I can keep it alive a bit longer than other poinsettias I've had!

Back soon, with Happy Photos

PS Co-incidentally, just after writing this, I came across the following on this months Home Farmer email
Care of Poinsettias
These are tropical plants so don’t leave them in a cold car when you’ve bought it whilst you do other shopping. Get it home immediately.
Place in a well-lit area near a window. It needs bright, indirect light for at least 6 hours a day.
Bright direct sun will fade the red leaves.
Avoid drafts and try to keep a regular temperature of 65-70⁰
The most common cause of fatality is over watering. Only water when dry and do not let them sit in water as this encourages mold and moss.
You do not need to feed your plant when in bloom. Once it’s finished blooming water sparingly and feed once a month


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