Friday, 16 December 2016

That hat (definitely not an advent photo!)

Some more wedding photos have popped up on various Facebook pages including me and That Hat

I can't wear a fascinator - hair to short! So it has to be a hat. The hat came off eBay (£5) it was navy and cream- the colours I wanted and looked OK but had a HUGE papery flowery thing on the side which was silly. I took that off, then the hat was too boring, so I fished about in my ribbons and bow box and stuck this bow thing on. I thought it looked much too daft to wear but went with it. Everyone assured me it looked very suitable for a wedding but I think they were just being kind!

Jacob demolishing Col's buttonhole rose
And our son looking super-douper slim - he lost 2 stone for the wedding!

I think that's all for wedding photos.

I'm running out of ideas for Advent photos and there are still 8 days to go so I may be back tomorrow or not.


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