Friday, 9 December 2016

Just One Tradition

Just one Christmas Tradition here............... there has to be a copy of the Radio Times in the house ( as they would say on the Beeb......other TV. listings magazines are available................ but not as good!)
As soon as I spot it in the shops it comes home to be examined closely.

I'm always hopeful that there will be some gems among the repeats.

A quick glance through and this is what I spotted

The Strictly Come Dancing Final
Wild Tales From The Village
Call The Midwife
The Christmas Countryfile
A new Midsummer Murders
10 episodes of special alumni editions of University Challenge
The series finals of Countdown
Kirsties Handmade Christmas 
New series of Father Brown
Carols from Kings
Still Open All Hours
Jonathon Creek
Guy Martin Cycling Home for Christmas

 Of course some clash........... clever recording type TV here, and some I shall probably miss as we will be out visiting.

From this you will see I like crime and quizzes and have the attention span of a gnat as almost  nothing here is longer than an hour!

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  1. Always a real treat to plan the Christmas TV viewing.

  2. I normally buy this but have decided not to this year. We didn't put the TV on until 3pm Christmas day last year and hope to make it later this year.

  3. Nothing wrong with being a gnat!

  4. As soon as I get the new TV mag, I sit down and mark all the viewing with a highlighter pen.

  5. We have the RT every week - husband tells me I can see what's on by using the guide either on the screen or in the paper; he simply doesn't understand that on the guide on the screen it might just give a title and a brief description whereas you find out what a prog is about in the RT.
    As for progs over Christmas, don't forget a two-part Last Tango in Halifax plus a documentary on Alan Bennett. I'm afraid I shan't be watching Kirstie - I'm not a cutting-and-sticking fan and I dare say while she fronts this prog, her own home is rather more tastefully decorated, har, har! However, I do enjoy watching her (when it's on) with Phil on Location, Location, Location. Oh, and there's The Nutcracker, too, and the New Year's Day Concert from Vienna ...
    Margaret P

  6. I adore the Radio Times and the Christmas edition is always a treat. I like the idea of listening to more radio as well as watching tv, I never quite manage the radio bit but I'm forever hopeful. I did notice in this weeks edition if you take out a subscription you get £50.00 worth of M&S vouchers. I already subscribe, but if you don't that's a fantastic deal.And we do love a deal.


  7. thank you I dont need to buy one now will set the reminder for the couple I am interested in :-)

  8. This will be the first year that I haven't bought one as I only had it for the crossword....well I had one and DD had one to see who finished the crossword first but it's gone up to over £4 this year and last years crossword was rubbish....not very festive at all-x-

  9. Christmas isn't Christmas without an RT! The only time of year I splash out on it now. I only hope {when I check it out} that Kirstie's Christmas is not another repeat. I can recite it off by heart now!
    I always look to see what films to earmark!

  10. I'm so jealous of your Christmas viewing! I remember that as soon as the Christmas guide came out we'd be deciding what had to be watched.

  11. A tradition in our house but not good news that it is now £4.50!!!.

    1. But that is for two weeks' viewing, so £2.25 a week (Ok, you can do the maths!) and if you highlight the progs you want to watch or listen to, you are unlikely to miss them (or fail to record them.) It's possibly the prince of a pint in a swanky pub, so I think it represents good value.
      Margaret P

    2. Point well made and true. I think that I am developing the habit of just moaning about the price of newspapers and mags in general. The Observer £3 and Garden News £1.99! I really must get a grip on myself!! And yes would not be without RT at Christmas whatever the price.

  12. Totally off topic, but had to tell you that we've just made the Cranberry Chutney using your recipe from your recent post. Although it isn't as thick as I was expecting it is lovely. A lot better than our previous recipe, not too oniony with an actal taste of the cranberries. The colour was good too, the colour with our other recipe was a lot darker. Needless to say we shall be doing this recipe again. Thank you. Just wanted to say.

    Joan (Wales)

  13. I bought the Radio Times this week as well and have circled everything I want to watch which isn't very much really. I could probably find everything on the TV but the Radio Times is a tradition here as well. xx

  14. I remember nearly expiring laughing trying to read a Ronnie Barker item in a Christmas Radio Times. It was the mispronunciation society Christmas address. I had to give up, with tears rolling down my face and let my brother finish it. We all had a serious case of the giggles that lasted most of the day as we kept remembering bits of it. Worth the money that year for sure!

  15. I remember (as a child) there was no TV in the house and the only radio was my Nan's. We would sneak into her room and she would let us listen to some programs or the national news.

  16. Ohhh, I can hardly wait for a new season of Midsommer Murders to show up on Netflix. I love watching that show.

    Is it a new Call the Midwife????

    God bless.

  17. I'm looking forward to Call the Midwife Christmas special and the upcoming series as well here in the USA. Christmas Countrylife sounds good but not see it here unless its on Acorn TV on Roku. Will check it out. It's a streaming device that I use instead of tv channels. Enjoy!

  18. I only buy it once a year for Christmas, but I do enjoy it! Haven't looked through yet, but I see from your list that there will be lots of things to look forward to!

  19. I'm clearly not the only one who resents the price!!

  20. I buy it every week and think it's very good value for money. I read all the articles, do the crosswords and other puzzles and then circle all the things we want to see for the week ahead, so I can record everything. We have a Freesat box so tend to record everything so that we never have to sit through adverts and can watch when we have the time to. It also means with the 'series link' capability a whole series of something can be recorded as and when they air and then watched 'binge' style when we are in the mood too.

    Without the Radio Times to remind me of all this I would miss half of my favourite programmes.

    The Christmas copy has already had everything we want to see circled in biro, and lots of those are the same programmes you have listed. You got to love a brand new Jonathon Creek and some new Midsomer Murders at Christmas time :-)

  21. when the festive RT is out, then Christmas has begun!
    Ooh, shall have to note that Guy Martin programme, I love Guy, even if he makes me nervous with some of his antics.