Monday, 26 December 2016

The morning after the day before

I hope your Christmas Day went well.

We were invited to Col's sister house where we enjoyed a lovely day with their family and Col's Dad and brother. Then our son, new daughter in law and daughter-in-law's sister joined us for tea and evening.

I took my camera but didn't take a single photo....Duh!

 The highlights of the day were the very strange present H had received from her other sister in law which kept us entertained and puzzling for ages and the Very Weird Game son brought with him...... Which involved trying to make your team guess what you were saying while you had a plastic mouth piece thing in your mouth. Nephew said he'd seen it advertised on TV and wondered who on earth would be daft enough to buy it ....obviously our son! It was a bit too reminiscent of going to the dentist but literally had tears rolling down everyone's faces.........Laughter or Horror ?............we weren't sure!

We then had a more sensible session of the LOGO game but decided we must have used the same cards last time we played as we kept getting all the answers right.

Col's sister and OH are off away for a few days so as there seemed to be enough food left for an army, she sent us home with today's dinner! I'd contributed savouries and the trifle for tea so the remains of those also came home......that's the rest of our days eating sorted.

Today? Books to enjoy and a ready made lunch and dinner.........what could be better.

Back in a trice


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