Friday, 2 December 2016

Lost - One Advent calendar

On THIS post a couple of weeks ago I said we wouldn't be bothering with an advent calendar this year, then I found the comment by Barbara M who has a better memory than me

I remember that you had a lovely advent calendar last year from the National Trust and I imagine that you can use it again this year. I buy a $1 advent calendar with teeny, tiny chocolate pieces from Aldi.
 This is it from last year with all doors open, each little picture is a Christmassy photo from various NT houses.

 I thought it would be in the Christmas decorations box.....................but No

Then I had a brainwave, I must have put it in the big family bible to press the doors shut.

Where's the big family bible?

Somewhere in one of the 16 boxes of books under the bed I guess.

Will we be having an advent calendar this year?

Maybe not.

Back Soon

Many thanks for all the comments. I love the red Lindt Lindor Chocs but haven't had any for years and have never tried the white or dark chocolate AND I had a £5 Morrisons More voucher so they were in effect .....FREE
And the best news is Colin was never that keen on chocolate and they will be much too sweet for him :-)


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