Friday, 2 December 2016

Lost - One Advent calendar

On THIS post a couple of weeks ago I said we wouldn't be bothering with an advent calendar this year, then I found the comment by Barbara M who has a better memory than me

I remember that you had a lovely advent calendar last year from the National Trust and I imagine that you can use it again this year. I buy a $1 advent calendar with teeny, tiny chocolate pieces from Aldi.
 This is it from last year with all doors open, each little picture is a Christmassy photo from various NT houses.

 I thought it would be in the Christmas decorations box.....................but No

Then I had a brainwave, I must have put it in the big family bible to press the doors shut.

Where's the big family bible?

Somewhere in one of the 16 boxes of books under the bed I guess.

Will we be having an advent calendar this year?

Maybe not.

Back Soon

Many thanks for all the comments. I love the red Lindt Lindor Chocs but haven't had any for years and have never tried the white or dark chocolate AND I had a £5 Morrisons More voucher so they were in effect .....FREE
And the best news is Colin was never that keen on chocolate and they will be much too sweet for him :-)


  1. Such a shame that you can't find the Advent calendar Sue. It's such a lovely one.
    I don't buy the chocolate ones any more as I have made one for Ruby which I fill with little gifts but I was looking at them in the shops the other day and was astounded to see Star Wars ones. Poundland also have Star Wars tree's ridiculous-x-

  2. I don't have one this year, but I'm hoping to have one next year. That is if Santa brings me the parts to make one out of wood.

  3. The National Trust Advent calendar is nice. I could not bring myself to purchase some of those secular Advent calendars - their theme seems all wrong to me.

    I am curious about your family bible - my grandma had a huge bible with all the family information written inside on the cover and it was kept under her bed. My mum was so upset/sad to find out that one of her sisters got rid of it when she died.

  4. I'm sorry that you can't find your lovely advent calendar. It will show up when you are able to unpack all of your boxes at your new home next year.

    It looks like I will not have an advent calendar either. I've been checking at Aldi and have not found them. I asked someone last week and he said he didn't think they had received them yet. But it is already December so I don't think they will have them this year.

  5. I have to hide my chocolates from hubby. I do that with the really good ones and have some to share.

    That advent calendar looks fantastic! I hope you find it. I don't have one this year either.

  6. Oh what a shame.It looks like a beautiful calendar.Maybe you'll find it for next year. X

  7. Hope you find your calendar, wish I had known as I just passed on two to someone else, I could have sent one to you!

  8. I hope you find your calendar. I have not put one up since the children were very small. I wonder if I should start once again.

    God bless.

  9. I don't think you are alone in not being able to find things! I had that same calendar, but the pictures in mine are different ~ that's interesting.
    If you are desperate, you can always pop along every lunchtime to my Advent Calendar blog!

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  11. ah well, it'll be nice to see it again next year! x

  12. My teenager ate ours on the first day of purchase back in November. Well the chocolates not the actual cardboard bit. Apparently the chocolate was disgusting and my kid said that was it, no more calendars ever. I always liked the traditional seventies ones with proper festive pictures..not the crapulous ones with chocolates and now hopefully my kid feels the same.