Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Christmas Post

All my cards are now winging their way around the country, Bath, Chesterfield, Colchester and other places in Essex, A windy Scottish island, Manchester, Birmingham and some closer to home in Suffolk too.

The very  local cards have gone in here

 How lucky we are to be able to post something and know that it will arrive ( usually anyway) and even if postage costs have gone up a lot it's still nice to send cards once a year.
 Some have arrived from various places too and a mystery parcel from the windy island .......thank you W 😊.

We went to see Col's cancer nurse specialist yesterday to find out what to expect next.
She said that Colin carries on with the tablets and once a week blood tests until early March, he may feel well, or if the Lymphoma increases too quickly he might not. Then he has another bone marrow sample.After that they decide when to do the donor stem cell transplant, which will take place at Addenbrookes hospital and he might need to be in for 5 - 8 weeks! .......Oh good grief! I see I will get to know the awful A14 between Stowmarket and Cambridge very well indeed.
 Seems to me only one thing is certain about this type of one really knows exactly what's going to happen and when. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, keep calm and carry on!

Oh BTW do you remember that lovely NECKLACE which I said would need  altering with a shorter chain? Well Col had a brainwave and looked through the necklaces hanging in the charity shop, found one with a suitable clasp and links, snipped the relevant bits off the charity shop chain, made the lovely necklace chain shorter and with the help of small pliers and a bright light, fixed on Voila! Cost £1.
 I didn't marry him just for his pretty face!

Back Soonish


  1. I love the local christmas post delivery idea, I hope everything goes well next year with Col's treatment.

  2. We have that local post system here too. It's a great idea except that they deliver so close to Christmas you can't return the compliment if you get a card from someone you didn't send to! oooops!
    Hoping all goes well for Col next year.

  3. Well done Col. Helpful men are priceless. x

  4. Well done, that man! Better to be useful than beautiful, but he's no doubt both!
    Do hope the treatment goes well for him, Sue. And that you get someone to buy your bungalow - someone, surely, must want a small home? Not everyone wants a huge place! All these home with huge kitchens you see on Escape to the Country, places where you'd need roller skates to get from oven to sink, seem ludicrous to me. They are simply for show, not for actually cooking in!
    Onwards and upwards, girl!
    Margaret P

  5. How satisfying to get that pretty necklace sorted, and wearable in time for Christmas. Thoughts and prayers for Colin as the treatment continues, and for you with all that driving. Do you have any friends close to Cambridge who could give you overnight accommodation? SOMEBODY out there who reads and enjoys this blog must be near enough to offer B&B. [I did check out our place in Norfolk, but as I suspected its slightly further and the journey is worse]

  6. Well done Col on sorting the necklace. Stay strong together you'll get through this next tough period for sure. Do they have relatives rooms at the hospital so you can stay over now and again?

  7. Your man is worth his weight in gold. But you know that already:) His treatment does seem to be going on forever, but he is improving albeit really slowly. I hope you both have a fantastic Christmas with your family. Keep on keeping on.

  8. Well done Col on sorting out the necklace....Andy wouldn't have a clue.
    We have the local delivery service here too but there isn't a box to use just a one day fair in mid December and a designated person to deliver in their own surrounding villages.
    Keeping you both in my thoughts-x-

  9. I am not very good with fiddly jobs, good job my John is a good one like your Col. x

  10. This reminds me that the month is flying by and I better get my cards out soon.

    I know quite a few people who have gone thru treatment of lymphoma and all are well today. I pray that your Col will do well also.

  11. You have local post elves! Reminds me of the school xmas postboxes we had, and the feeling of disappointment I'd have if I didn't get a present on a particular day.

  12. Well, I can report that the Bath card arrived this afternoon, thank you Sue!
    (You will be getting THAT letter soon, but life has intruded into the writing plans.)
    Good old Col, sorting out the necklace. Bill would have been keen to try, but I fear he was a bit of a bodger!
    Yes, someone will be delighted with your little home. There will be people like me who want to downsize, and it does look very cosy.
    Hoping the lymphoma behaves itself.

  13. canada post would never allow anyone else to do the mail event if it was for a good cause-which is a little ridiculous as they plan to stop all home delivery next year-going to super mailboxes at the end of each street. Would it be possible for you to rent somewhere in Cambridge for the duration of Col's treatment? Sometimes a hospital will have arrangements set up to help out of towners.

  14. I've got most of mine away now - just a couple of parcels to go now (via My Hermes as I refuse to pay the ludicrous prices charged for parcels by Royal Mail.)

    I hope that Col responds to the treatment and the Lymphoma is gracious about it . . .

  15. Have a good Christmas Sue and Col - take it easy - both of you.

  16. Way to go Col!! I hope that you both are resting, and keeping a positive outlook.

    God bless.

  17. Well Col's skills and ingenuity certainly haven't been affected have they. Glad to hear you have somewhat of a plan in place so at least you know in theory where you are heading. I hope that the journey will be a smooth one.

  18. I've not sent my cards out yet but this weekend will be the workings of getting them done. I'm visiting my girlfriend tomorrow. She's done with cancer treatment for a month then on to another type of treatment. Not sure how long that lasts as it's an unknown end of it...I'm praying Col continues to improve and you hang in there as well! Cancer is a horrible disease and wish it would all just go away NOW! Prayers and blessings your way! Cheers!