Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The Toy Cupboard is Full

I think I have enough toys in the cupboard to keep small visitors busy. These recent car boot finds will be the last I'll buy for now. First picture from a couple of weeks ago.

Wooden clock and shape lift out puzzles and toy phone, nursery rhyme book and another Little Grey Rabbit book. The baby brush and comb set ready for the October baby and a book for me to add to my WWII collection (what a good thing I typed out the list of all my WWII books so I knew I hadn't got this one). Total spend £5.20p

 Next photo from Needham Market's Huge boot sale on Bank Holiday Saturday

 Wooden bricks and opposites puzzle £1 each. Very old wooden puzzle 50p, bag of pavement chalks 50p (these are very popular with children at other beach huts for drawing on the prom!). The Clean and Green pack on the right are a large pack of table mats that can be coloured in, looked like fun for the future. For myself I found some card blanks, a kit and several pieces of Aida for cross stitch for a total  of £1.60 and 20p for the Wilko make-your-own Christmas gift tags- which is something I usually do anyway using last years Christmas cards - the lady had loads of these packs and I was curious to see what they were. I might make them or they could be put away for the future. 2 old crime books were 25p each and finally if you see a new pair of socks for 50p with your daughters name on then you have to get them even if she is 36!

So having decided NO MORE TOYS for the toy cupboard (obviously books are not toys!), I called in briefly at  a car boot on the way to Crowfield church. A regular Sunday one that I've not been to for years, but it seemed to be dealer type sellers with lots of tat, won't go again.
However I still parted with £1.70p (last of the big spenders!). A piece of Christmas fabric for 20p, 5 new  Hairy Maclary books at 10p each.

I treated the cat to a new bowl for 50p as one of hers is a bit chipped. And finally the brand new boxed set of book and Kipper toy. The box inside is like a little bed where Kipper can sleep with his own blanket. This will make a lovely Christmas present for a small person so not for the toy cupboard but into the Christmas cupboard instead and only 50p, didn't need to haggle on that one! The joy of boot-sales is that there are still a few people who just want to clear stuff out, and of course I looked on Amazon to see the proper price and there were none available because they were first sold in 2005 (where had someone kept this for 11 years?) So looked on eBay where the only one for sale was from the States for £60!!

Hopefully by the time our grandchildren are old enough to need trikes and bigger toys we will have moved to somewhere bigger. I saw a Playmobil (or Fisher Price not sure which) Noah's ark and animals for £5 but decided there was just nowhere to keep it. Still looking out for Duplo (large Lego) with no luck. We have some ordinary Lego stowed away, but the Duplo we had was given away a long time ago. I'm glad we kept a small box of Brio wooden railway, I hope to be able to pick up more bits for it when Jacob and Dot-the-bump are a few years older.

We Think, crossing everything possible, that Colin is finally on the right track. The only problem now is getting his platelet levels (they're the part of the blood that make clots form) to climb as they are not building up as they ought. This has happened after each chemo session all the way through. He is still absolutely exhausted but the doctors are happy with progress.

Many thanks for all your good wishes for him and also welcome to Nagini and Kate who are new followers.

Back very soon


  1. fingers crossed for Col. Doctors happy with progress is a good sign.

  2. I'm so pleased things are looking positive for Col. You have both shown such strength through it all. X

  3. Over the years we built various toy boxes for the grandkids, when we moved we passed them all on there was not any little ones in the family, I then started a box of balls, skipping ropes, frisbies, bucket and spades, fishing nets and various other out side play things, I also have boxes of paints and other craft things for rainy days, board games and jig saws, its a great idea and staves off the moments of boredom when they are visiting and keeps them away from the TV.

    1. I have a bag of play dough, paints, crafting paper, paints etc under my craft bench that, even now, the boys take a fancy to at times.

  4. Best wishes to Col for getting his platelets back on track soon!

  5. I got my retro games console going again the other day, £2.99 from Barnardos. Space Invaders, Galaxians...us 43 year olds need our toys too!

  6. I absolutely ADORE Hairy McClairy, the best read along books! And still gave many a Kipper book and toy up in the loft. Excellent finds.
    Keep smiling Col, surely soon you'll turn the corner X

  7. So very sensible of you to keep yourself busy Sue.

  8. I have been challenged to put a box of activities for our 2 to 3 year olds by one of my son@s to save him packing a toy bag or two in his car! So off to car boots/charity shops! Well done Col.

  9. Having emptied our loft for the move I have found all sorts of lovely children books and toys that will be kept for the grandchildren. They would cost a fortune to replace now. What lucky finds with Hairy McClairy and Kipper. Keeping everything crossed for Col

  10. You have certainly found some fantastic toys and books for very little cost. Lucky grandchildren! I'm so glad that Col is on the upswing.

  11. What a lot of fantastic finds. So glad Col is improving. Jane xx

  12. I've only ever commented once or twice, but now seems a good time to tell you again that I continue to keep Col in my prayers.
    You get such great stuff at your boot sales! I live in the US and the yard sales in my area mostly have things that are overpriced and/or in rough shape.

  13. Sounds like the nursery will be well stocked with activities! Good luck to Col...nearly there by the sounds of it...hope it's not too much longer before he's home under your feet! x

  14. So glad you've kept the Brio. They sell something similar in Tesco, I think it was, for around £20 for a small set!