Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Half of August gone and links to old posts

August days are creeping by and Col has now been in hospital for 2 weeks. We hope by the end of this week  a lot of the nasty chemicals will have worked their way out of his system and he will start to feel much better. As well as not sleeping, stomach ache, sickness and diarrhoea, he now has sore mouth and throat and not even enough energy to write on his Facebook page. So  it's one thing after another just as the cancer nurses told us - they've seen it all before.
He's been trying to avoid infection by keeping all visitors, except me, away, but a text from him this morning say's he has a temperature so it will be antibiotics and all their nasty side effects added into the mix now. No wonder this is the worst part of the treatment.
 I've been plodding along at home trying not to worry and watching lots of Olympics .

On Friday the beach hut tempted me away from the TV and I spent over 4 hours down there including a swim in the flat calm sea. I read most of this while I was there.
Product Details

Jan Struther is more well known for her book Mrs Miniver, but this is a collection of very clever and witty essays and sketches. Although written in the 1940's by a "upper middle class, lower middle age woman" the humour in the stories hasn't dated at all. You just have to love the writing of someone who says ".....and there are people to whom making lists is an end in itself, a pure, abstract and never failing delight". Oh yes!

Saturday saw me biking to the library, but going the long way round so I could call in at the  Emmaus Charity shop where I  found a pack of 3 Pairs of M&S pants - Col's Size - for £2 - handy. ( Question - in the States what we call trousers you call pants so what do you call the items of underwear that we call pants? )
Then I spotted this for £4,

  I'm a sucker for baskets,( I wrote about baskets when we were still at the smallholding) as long as they are cheap, I have no idea why I'm so tempted and the problem is .....................now I've got it what the heck do I do with it? I already have a smaller one with dividers for 4 bottles that I used to use standing in the upstairs bathroom for cleaning stuff etc........here it's in the kitchen holding shoe cleaning bits. Then I have a small hamper that I begged from Col's brother after he won it in a draw last Christmas. That's standing on the TV unit holding all the chargers and other bits and bobs. 2 big storage baskets are up on top of the wardrobes holding shoes and winter wear. My favourite from that old blog post is in the kitchen holding potatoes (on newspaper and covered over with black fabric to keep out the light).
I'm really an idiot for buying it as we are so short of space here and a bargain is only a bargain if you actually need it! I'm thinking it would be more useful if I took a pair of secateurs to the 6 canes holding the dividers in place and made a nice big oblong basket.

Sunday I did a bit of tidying in the garden, re-potted the thyme, shopped at Asda, visited Colin and watched more Olympics........ even the finalé of the golf was exciting!, then in the evening things got more and more enthralling with medals being won all round. Andy Murray's tennis medal was real fight.

Yesterday apart from a visit to Colin, I took a few more bits to the charity shop and started on unpacking and sorting another box from the shed. I didn't find anything we needed indoors but chucked a couple of bits in the dustbin and others into the charity shop bag and re-packed most into a sturdier box.

Thank you you for all the interesting comments about housed deeds and house prices. We've always been so lucky with buying and selling houses. I wrote about all our house moves HERE.
So many house moves in our married life, I can't imagine staying in one house for life like many people did in the past and a few do now I guess - Col's Dad is 85 and has only ever lived in 2 houses!

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  1. I'm sorry Col is having such a rotten time at the moment. I hope that by the end of the week he's starting to feel stronger, and a little better.

    I used to be like you RE baskets. Then I just thought 'enough' and started getting rid of them. Now I will see a basket, think ooh, that's nice, then make myself walk away. I don't need any more! But I totally understand your weakness.

    You keep yourself so busy, and your attitude is always so good. You're an inspiration, lady. You really are. x

  2. It must be a terrible time for Col. As I mentioned a while ago, my friend's hubby had exactly the same treatment as Col. He found the final bit - the stem cell - to be the worst part. He too had horrendous mouth sores and sounds exactly like Col at the moment. However things got much better and he's enjoying life again several years on. Sending best wishes.

  3. Save it for when you have a picnic or BBQ, knives and forks, serviettes, bottles of sauce, drinks etc or even at the beach hut to store this type of stuff. I hope Col feels better soon and that this is the last of the worst, if you know what I mean xxx

  4. I am so sorry Col is going through even more trauma again. Still, once it is over you will both be glad.
    In America, pants, as in not trousers, are called panties for ladies and underwear for men's. Bizarre. Tights, btw, are called pantyhose.
    Hope that clarifies the two nations separated by a common language question.

  5. I am a sucker for baskets too. I love the one you bought. So many possibilities! I am sorry Col is feeling so rotten. I know it must be rough on you too. Thoughts and prayers for both of you. :-)

  6. Hope Col is on the up soon.x I, too, love baskets. I have them under my bed with the bedding for our room, spare winter blankets, I have one under my kitchen island which houses the blenders from my food precessors, graters etc. Always useful.

  7. You may have asked a rhetorical question but...in the US we call it underwear or underpants or sometimes just panties. This, of course, is much preferable to that other Americanism, the traveler's delight, the "fanny pack".

  8. Nancy on the Farm16 August 2016 at 13:33

    This is my first comment and wanted to tell you that I have been enjoying your blog. Hubby and I live on a farm in northern Illinois and grow veggies for the local farmer's market. We started it three years ago as our retirement project! Hope your dear husband is out of the woods soon:) Couldn't resist commenting on the underwear question! In the states we have strangely many names for undergarments. Ladies call them undies, panties or unmentionables! For men it's undies, briefs, boxers or the new invention with the best of both worlds, the boxer-brief! Hope this helps!

  9. he farmer still lives in the house where he was born moe than seventy years ago.
    Sorry to hear that poor Col is suffering so much at present - do hope things soon look brighter - it must be so hard for him and the days must be endless.

  10. I'm so sorry Col is so unwell at the moment. More healing thoughts heading his way.
    You with your baskets and me with my tins. I cannot resist a pretty tin for love nor money-x-

  11. Prayers that Colin will be blessed with healing and feel much better very soon. When you or a loved one is suffering thru a long illness you come to appreciate good health and realize the petty little moans are just that.

    Glad you had another swim at Old Felixstowe and several hours enjoying your beach hut. Take care of yourself.

  12. Hmm, I live in Canada and we call underwear for women panties and men's underwear, underwear or boxers depending on the style.

    So sorry that Col is not feeling tip top. Healing thoughts are being sent.

    God bless.

  13. Poor Col, I hope he's soon feeling better. Although I doubt the brilliant bargain pants will cheer him up much ;-)

    You could use the basket for cut herbs or flowers, put a jam jar of water in each section and fill with the cut flowers of your choice. Or as you say cut out the dividers, and then use it for standing books or magazines in at the side of your chair.

    1. I wish there was space at the side of my chair!! This bungalow is TOO small!

  14. I hope Col will be feeling better soon.
    How wonderful you live near enough that you can take off for a few hours to relax. I miss living by the ocean so much the salt air and the waves.

    cheers, parsnip and the hamish

  15. hope Col is feeling better soon.You have such a positive approach and must be a tower of strength to him.

  16. All the best with Colin, sounds like the end of the roughest patch is just around the corner.

    I have so much stuff to throw out it is crazy.

  17. Yes, what on earth do Americans call underpants, the items we have shortened to simply 'pants'? If we went out in vest and pants we'd be arrested - these are waistcoast and trousers to us!
    I love that book by Jan Stuther (aka Joyce Anstruther).
    I do hope that Col will be home again soon, all the best to you both.
    Margaret P

  18. Hope you feel better soon Col. I love that basket, I agree there is something about baskets that are appealing.

  19. The basket *could* become an herb garden for yourself or a gift. One year at Christmas, a friend gave me a big basket she'd painted, lined with plastic and planted with succulents. It resided on my sunny porch for years. Use an oil based spray paint to protect against weather; once dry, line each section with plastic bread (or crumpet) bags that you attach in place with a glue gun, poking small holes at the bottoms. Then plant up with herbs. By the holidays, the herbs will have filled in nicely. Again, my basket planter lasted in coastal damp weather for years.
    We think of Col and pray for him every day. Hoping he's past the worst of it very soon!

  20. I do hope Col starts to feel better soon. I love baskets too, always buy ones I find in charity shops. Could you feel each section with a jar or homemade chutney or jam and then give it as a Christmas gift - I know you like to do gift hampers, I seem to remember...?

  21. So sorry Col is having such a horrible time, I hope he starts feeling better soon. I'm a sucker for baskets as well, what a lucky find I love it :)

  22. I love baskets of any type too especially the vintage ones , I hope col gets to feel better soon xxx

  23. Very sorry he is struggling so, I do remember him in prayer, and you too.
    Bless his heart!
    I love baskets, but try not to lug any more home.
    They tempt me too well!

  24. We have moved 25 or 26 times in as many years - I am ready to stay put. Tired.