Thursday, 25 August 2016

So that's what it was!

It is good when you see something and wonder about it and then find out on the news exactly what it was.

When I was taking our youngest home (or it might have been when I picked her up) on Tuesday, we saw this HUGE plane coming into land at what's left of the runways at the old RAF Woodbridge.
Then at the beach hut, there it was again circling low inland from Felixstowe, disappearing from sight and everyone saying "what on earth!"

Watching the Anglia ITV News on Wednesday I found out

An Airbus  and  Here too 

or maybe HERE
or there might be a video below

Depending which link actually works!

Great excitement for plane spotters

Mentioning our youngest reminds me that she has written her story of surviving cancer HERE. Colin has shared her story with several women coping with ovarian cancer that he's bumped into (not literally obviously!) while staying on the Oncology ward and he says it makes them smile. Seeing it all written down I realise how much I'd forgotten or wiped from memory. Our youngest had already moved out from home and it all seemed to happen quite quickly without her ever being really ill. She even moved flats during that time too which is a strange co-incidence with us and our house move in the middle of Col's treatment.

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  1. Gosh I bet that was noisy going over, glad you found out what it was

  2. That's true. We our-self make a story before finding what the real one is.

  3. I read that story this morning and it brought a tear to my eye X

  4. I didn't realise that you had gone through all this before Sue - well you and Colin last time but maybe your daughter's recovery made you stronger.

  5. I admire your poise and grace. Most families would be utterly gazumped by having cancer hit two generations in a family. I think you are giving a wonderful example to so many people world wide (despite how it feels). Our love to you from Australia. Mr HM

  6. The Clacton airshow has been on and we've seen quite a few planes flying over our area ready to celebrate 50 years, although I've never been.

  7. I am going to read the story right now. Thank you for the link !xx

  8. Good to see the air base being used for something again. Good memories of when I was stationed there 1976 to 1978 with the USAF. Thanks for sharing!