Friday, 5 August 2016

I'm ready

Got this yesterday, really looking forward to watching everything. I shall ignore all the politics that crop up every 4 years and just enjoy the sport.

Also "donated" £1 to the Oxfam charity book shop and was given these.
Once again I shall blame Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow blog for his overwhelming list of WWII authors. Without his prompt I would never have thought about reading childrens books written at that time.

I've just emptied the boxes containing my collection of WWII books and made a list of what I have = 80 books and that's not counting any relevant fiction on the living room shelf. I'm going to type them up in small print so they'll fit onto one sheet of paper, then I can keep a copy in my bag. Sadly, I then had to pack them all back into the boxes again.

Colin is keeping a diary of his hospital stay on his Facebook page and wants me to link in HERE.  for anyone who's interested in all the gory details!

Thank you for comments and thanks to Sadie for the computer shop info. I have resisted all prompts to change to Windows 10 so it's not that causing the problems.
Welcome to  new followers Happy at Home and Chris West and possibly someone else too. It was once possible to find out if new followers had a blog of their own but this is yet another thing Blogger has changed recently, so let me know if you do.

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