Friday, 26 August 2016

The other C word

Walking past the magazines in Asda - not buying - I noticed Cross Stitcher Magazine had a Christmas kit for the free gift on the front. Christmas Aaaagh!

Better get started on the hamper gifts then.

When we moved from the smallholding I was very worried that without all our fruit and vegetables there would be no hampers for the 2 sisters and brothers-in-law this year. So I made a list in the front of the diary of things I could think of that didn't involve buying items that were too expensive. What I didn't know about back then was that Aldi had special offers and I would be walking under an overhanging Bramley apple tree on my way to the shops.

First make has been Mango Chutney. The recipe is on the separate recipe page, you don't have to scroll down too far. Yesterday I adjusted amounts to use the 2 mangos in a pack (on offer at Aldi) and the apples I picked up under the tree (had to add one more from the Greengrocers)
Made just enough for 3 jars
BTW hexagonal jars are the most annoying for filling as air bubbles get trapped in the corners and then you have to sterilise a spoon handle and slide it down to release them. I bought a big box full of these jars years ago when I was making chutney to sell and lots are still around, even though I keep giving them away.

Weather here much warmer today than forecast and less rain overnight than forecast too. I went to the beach hut again and then back to visit Colin on my way home, over the last two days he has become very poorly, they are doing more tests to try to find out why he has high temperatures and spells of shivering every day. There must be an infection somewhere. He was about to be wheeled off on the bed  for another chest Xray when I left. He's not eating but drinking plenty so that's OK and has no energy at all, even sitting up to drink a cup of tea wears him out. The doctors said infections are more of a threat than the stem cell transplant. Just have to hope it hasn't affected his heart.
A worrying weekend ahead. Need to keep myself busy.

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