Saturday, 6 August 2016

Saturday 2pm

I've already been to the car boot sale, Tesco and Poundland and filled up the car with diesel. I've visited Colin and delivered him some fruit and clean underwear. I've had my lunch and washed up.
 Now I can settle down to see the first Olympic events. The men's cycle road race has just started and they have 6  HOURS in the saddle ahead of them. The thought of it makes my bum hurt!

Here's another selection of car boot purchases - total spend £6.70p. Best bargain was the Union Jack bunting which is un-opened M&S labelled up £7.50. I would have paid a couple of pounds but she only wanted 50p! I'm pinning it on my dresser to celebrate the Olympics
The ink cartridges (£1) are a good find although I've only just bought some new a few weeks ago, but as they are vacuum sealed they'll keep. Other things pictured are another basket for a hamper, a couple of small Xmas gifts, more baby nappies and some 3D Christmas decoupage sheets for card making.

I seem to be always showing pictures of car boot buys.
 Can you guess  why I never take photos of all the things I buy for the house from John Lewis, Next, Dunelm, The Range, etc etc , etc?
The answer is simple.............I don't go in any of these shops. In fact I've Never Ever been in John Lewis or Next Home. I try to avoid buying new if I can. So only electricals, carpets and wardrobes have been bought new for the house in the 5 months we've been here.

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