Saturday, 6 August 2016

Saturday 2pm

I've already been to the car boot sale, Tesco and Poundland and filled up the car with diesel. I've visited Colin and delivered him some fruit and clean underwear. I've had my lunch and washed up.
 Now I can settle down to see the first Olympic events. The men's cycle road race has just started and they have 6  HOURS in the saddle ahead of them. The thought of it makes my bum hurt!

Here's another selection of car boot purchases - total spend £6.70p. Best bargain was the Union Jack bunting which is un-opened M&S labelled up £7.50. I would have paid a couple of pounds but she only wanted 50p! I'm pinning it on my dresser to celebrate the Olympics
The ink cartridges (£1) are a good find although I've only just bought some new a few weeks ago, but as they are vacuum sealed they'll keep. Other things pictured are another basket for a hamper, a couple of small Xmas gifts, more baby nappies and some 3D Christmas decoupage sheets for card making.

I seem to be always showing pictures of car boot buys.
 Can you guess  why I never take photos of all the things I buy for the house from John Lewis, Next, Dunelm, The Range, etc etc , etc?
The answer is simple.............I don't go in any of these shops. In fact I've Never Ever been in John Lewis or Next Home. I try to avoid buying new if I can. So only electricals, carpets and wardrobes have been bought new for the house in the 5 months we've been here.

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  1. I have heard that you all do car trunk sales! I don't know why we don't do that here! We have yard sales. I guess we have more junk than will fit in the back of our cars! lol But what a great idea! We have trunk or treat at Halloween but not a trunk sale! I love a good yard sale but I think we have way too much stuff as it is. It's wonderful when trying to find some new reads and some decorating and kitchen items. Also for those with new babies. And furniture. Here you can find some really good furniture items for sale. You have a good week and enjoy the olympics.

  2. Enjoy the Olympics its something I will NOT be watching or following, sport any form I find boring, havent been to a car boot for years just dont have the time, you do find from great buys :-)

  3. Same here Sue, so many bargains at the car boot, we don't need fancy shops.

  4. You and me both sue , I only buy new if i cant buy it second hand anywhere , I have just done the spare bedroom out with jumble sale and car boot sales the only thing new is the bed and wardrobe i wanted a vintage wardrobe but had to have flat pack one because of the bend in the stairs but have up cycled it to make it look different , xxx

  5. Well done on the car boot purchases. I'm looking forward to being able to get to more car boots once retired. I do buy from John Lewis and Next when I can't find what I want,anywhere else or its on offer. I love Next bedding.

  6. I couldn't agree more I never buy new if I can help it. I get so much more pleasure from finding a bargain at a car boot sale or jumble sale. I can't set foot in shopping centres they make me feel really depressed. I love the bunting it's great to have an excuse to decorate the house. Jane xx

  7. Fabulous car boot haul again Sue-x-

  8. Yup, same sentiment here. I absolutely loath having to buy anything new and shopping malls and, as I discovered on Thursday, Ikea make me feel positively panicky and claustrophobic. You just can't beat the feeling of satisfaction when you find something you want and / or need at a boot sale or in a charity shop or, best of all - but they are rare events these days, a jumble sale.

  9. Is that another Little Grey Rabbit book?

  10. Nothing in my house is new except the beds. I have never been in an IKEA.

  11. I watched parts of the cycle race - the climb and the heat made me exhausted just sitting in my arm chair.

  12. Sue, I've never bought anything in The Range (we have one fairly nearby) and as with Rachel I've never been in Ikea, let alone bought anything from Ikea. Nor have I shopped in Primark nor Matalan nor Bon Marche. Nor have I ever been inside John Lewis although I have bought a table lamp from them online.
    As for the 'Limpics, as the TV people will call them, I'm not interested one jot. Two whole channels devoted to running round and jumping up and down beggars belief. OK if you like sport, but I don't. And, of course, while it's on the other channels just show repeats as they assume no one will be watching them, they will be watching the 'Limpicks. Wrong!
    Another thing I can't work out is why some games that we played at school didn't make it to adulthood. I mean, what is the difference between a sack race and the egg & spoon race and hurdles and relay? They are all rather childish if you give it a moments thought. Now, if they brought in the three-legged race, the sack race and the egg & spoon, I might just watch those!
    Margaret P

  13. Your car boot sale items are fantastic. Very inexpensively priced as well.

    I am not watching the Olympics right now, but then again I do watch the interesting bits on the news later.

    God bless.

  14. I always pick up what I can from car boot sales.

  15. Catching up with blog reading. Loving your new header although you may have had it for a while!lol x

  16. Catching up with blog reading. Loving your new header although you may have had it for a while!lol x

  17. I'd much rather see a photo of a good car boot haul than someone showing us the latest thing they've bought full price from an expensive shop.

    I have shopped in Next Home in the past ... I got two mugs in the sale £3 the pair labelled 'Yours' and 'Mine' they gave us a smile when we were decorating this house three years ago. They are still in use but a little bit bashed around the edges, and do for workmen (who are the ones that bashed them round the edges by consistently leaving them on the roof!!)

    And we have one purchase we made from John Lewis at ... gasp .. full price, and they are the lights over our dining table in the conservatory. I hunted high and low for cheaper but good quality copies and couldn't find them, so we bit the bullet. They are lovely!!

    I'm afraid I'm another one who is sulking that the Beeb have gone over to sport, sport, sport, but I'm making the most of it and every evening I'm working my way through all the films I've saved on our Freesat box over the past year.

  18. Our closest 'decent' car boot is just over forty miles away, so we tend not to bother!
    I do have a weakness for John Lewis though, I've had an account with them for 41 years, I always pay it in full every month, they're not making any money from me in interest charges!
    I'm pretty sure all our lights, lamps, TVs, music systems etc are from John Lewis, oh and the garden furniture.....I told you it was a weakness!
    My greatest temptation though, is Lakeland limited, walking into my kitchen is like walking into a Lakeland shop!
    I dont spend long in shops though, it's a case of 'in, look, buy (or don't) and back out again sharpish'!
    John Lewis's order on line and collect from store service is brilliant though, I placed an order for a new sewing machine late last Friday afternoon and collected it from our local Waitrose at 9-40 on Saturday morning......and the machine was £60-00 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else!
    I don't understand people who spend whole days wandering around shops though, we're not far from the Cheshire Oaks retail outlet, and it's almost a holiday destination for some folk!