Monday, 8 August 2016

Not our problem

Do you remember all the things that were not working last week?

Well, Son brought his phone and plugged into our socket and that didn't work either. So the problem is outside the house and will be sorted on Wednesday (don't hold your breath). Could also be the reason why the computer is sluggish. It's driving me nuts as I get about 10 minutes before it seizes up (so apologies for hardly doing any commenting)

and the kettle has returned to switching itself off..............sometimes.

I had a good day at the beach hut on Sunday, got down there by 8.45 and not a soul around. It got busier and sunnier as the day went on and it was lovely to see so many children having fun in the sea. I thought about a swim but got well into a book and before I knew it it was time to pack up and visit Col on my way home.

He has had the 6th and nastiest chemo session today. Loads of fluids in and they carefully measure everything out again! They even provide ice-pops which help to stop sore mouth problems. He gets his clean stem cells back tomorrow and Wednesday.

Thanks for comments and I have never been to Ikea either or Matalan or Bon marche or TK Max or that other one I can't remember...... maybe  HM?.

Sorry to people who don't like sport ( not really - hard cheese!! you're stuck with it for a fortnight).

Back next time the lap top is behaving


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