Monday, 8 August 2016

Not our problem

Do you remember all the things that were not working last week?

Well, Son brought his phone and plugged into our socket and that didn't work either. So the problem is outside the house and will be sorted on Wednesday (don't hold your breath). Could also be the reason why the computer is sluggish. It's driving me nuts as I get about 10 minutes before it seizes up (so apologies for hardly doing any commenting)

and the kettle has returned to switching itself off..............sometimes.

I had a good day at the beach hut on Sunday, got down there by 8.45 and not a soul around. It got busier and sunnier as the day went on and it was lovely to see so many children having fun in the sea. I thought about a swim but got well into a book and before I knew it it was time to pack up and visit Col on my way home.

He has had the 6th and nastiest chemo session today. Loads of fluids in and they carefully measure everything out again! They even provide ice-pops which help to stop sore mouth problems. He gets his clean stem cells back tomorrow and Wednesday.

Thanks for comments and I have never been to Ikea either or Matalan or Bon marche or TK Max or that other one I can't remember...... maybe  HM?.

Sorry to people who don't like sport ( not really - hard cheese!! you're stuck with it for a fortnight).

Back next time the lap top is behaving


  1. Hope all goes well with Colin. I've bookmarked his Facebook page and I'll introduce myself xx

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  3. Hope your electric are sorted successfully. The builders wired our boiler back to front. When it was off it was on and vise versa. Took them ages to solve and lots of boiler parts.

  4. Hope that everything starts working correctly for you soon.

    We just picked up our new computer today and after downloading my ereader app, Microsoft Edge decided it needed a holiday. Now it no longer works. Thank heavens for IE, as my Mozzilla has disappeared as well.

    God bless.

  5. Best wishes to Colin, loving the sport here, watching sport new to us, loved the fencing on Sunday.

  6. I'm fascinated by Colin's little facebooky blog. Sounds like you had a perfect day at the hut X I'm loving the limpix! Nt loving all the repeating due to time zone differences.

  7. Your beach hut was an inspired purchase at a time when you both needed something to help you smile.
    I found myself smiling when you said you'd spent the day there on Sunday.
    Your description of the children on the beach was, somehow, so evocative and I rejoiced that it gave you a partial escape for a few hours.
    Thanks for the update on Colin.
    I don't use Facebook but have been willing him to respond well to the treatment so that your "Hovel in the Hills" dream can become more than what must, at the moment, seem like a distant dream.
    Both of you are an amazing example to us all. Instead of stamping your fett and inferring that life's treating you badly you've continued to write with candour but without self pity. Thank you. Sue

  8. I'm glad you have the beach hut to escape to ~ it sounds perfect. I have a kettle that sometimes doesn't switch off!
    Sending healing vibes for Colin, especially today, and the coming days for all to go well.
    You'll be so relieved once your phone nonsense is sorted out too!

  9. Hang on in, I'm sure the ice pops must be helping.

  10. If it is BT's fault make sure they take something off your bill in compensation. When I was without broadband for a week or so they gave me £23 which was better than nothing - if you don't ask you won't get.

  11. We rent an older house (built in the 1930s) in a coastal town, so regularly have issues with phone/internet lines. It's maddening. During tourist season, most locals avoid the beaches, but my DH and I enjoyed Sunday at the shore. And we got to watch the Olympics when we stopped in a pub for a quick bite to eat! I've been following Col on FB... saying lots of prayers and lighting a candle that all goes well with this final treatment. You are both so very brave.

  12. I've read Colin's facebook page. I would have left a message for him but I don't think I can because we're not 'friends', so will you pass on my best wishes to him. Even though what he's going through sounds gruelling you are both so positive. After his 4 weeks in hospital is it just a case of him going home and being able to mix with people again or will he still be in some sort of mini quarantine? I bet you love going down to the beach hut don't you. Col will be down there with you before you know it. xx