Friday, 12 August 2016

Sorting boxes and cheering up the living room.

There were about 15 boxes of possessions out in the shed with no room for them in the house and many of the boxes were third-hand, rather tatty and  more tape than cardboard.  After a sort out indoors I managed to make an empty drawer in the dresser and then found a sturdy box in the garage so I've begun to empty some of the flimsier old boxes, re-packing what we want to keep, bringing one or two things indoors and putting some things in a bag ready for the charity shops. Three tatty boxes have been so far been squashed into the recycling bin, several more still to sort.
In one box I found my Poundland fairy lights and they've gone around the hatch between kitchen and living room which was the only place  near enough to a plug.

I've avoided charity shops and car boot sales all week but treated myself to a bunch of Freesias from Aldi.
  They are lovely, but not many in the bunch. So I bulked them out with a few bits from the garden (I'm a shove them in a jug flower arranger!)
So with the bunting, fairy lights and flowers the living room looks much cheered.

 By the way if you are looking for some cheap fruit bushes Aldi had all sorts for around £3, that's one heck of a lot less than the seed company catalogues so probably worth a try if you have room.

The nasty affects of the chemo have caught up with Col, he felt really rough yesterday. Just wanting to lay resting with eyes shut.  This is not unexpected and his 'obs' are all OK so nothing to worry about. Just a matter of time.

Looks like we are in for a sunnier and warmer day than yesterday - the beach hut beckons - if I can tear myself away from the Olympics, where they seem to be doing pretty well - loved the track cycling last night.

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