Sunday, 28 August 2016

A Hidden Church

This is one of the ways I kept myself busy this weekend.

If it hadn't had signs for the Flower Festival I would never have found this little church tucked away in the Suffolk countryside, not very far from Ipswich.
All Saints Crowfield, a church without a tower but with a timber framed chancel. A tiny church well over a mile from the village and up a track hidden behind big trees.

My reason for visiting? They had books and jigsaws for sale as well as the flower festival.

Amongst all the boxes of books I found lots that I'd already read or owned so only bought 3. Two Christmas stories for children and the "Year of Wonders" by Geraldine Brooks. No idea what it is but it's set in 1666, the year that the Great Plague reached the village of Eyam in Derbyshire. The villagers made the decision to put themselves in quarantine, so stopping the spread of the plague but resulting in the death of 260 people.
 The jigsaw of beach huts had to come home with me obviously!

 Then I had a cuppa and a piece of delicious chocolate cake and a quick look round the flowers inside.
Sorry no pics of the lovely arrangements - it was so crowded inside - because what their ad in the East Anglian  newspaper failed to say was that they were having a service at 10am after which all the people at the service had coffee in the church which they carried around looking at the flowers, making it difficult for anyone else to get around!

THIS is what I would have seen if it hadn't been full of people and flowers.

Home through darkening skies which looked as if we were going to get big storms but only produced a small shower.

Thank you for all your prayers and kind thoughts for Colin. I shall be popping to see him later, he was feeling a bit more "with it" on Saturday.......thank goodness.

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