Saturday, 20 August 2016

Getting Better + Library Book Photo and Book warning!

What a difference a day makes :-)
All your positive vibes, kind wishes and prayers have worked and our little fella was able to go home, he is now feeding well and not being sick. Col is still feeling exhausted but is drinking more and eating again so that's the first step on the road to recovery.

 My Penny Pincher pen-friend S said she really misses the library book photos, when I would bike home from the library van once a month with a lovely bag of books I'd ordered and take a photo for the blog.
So specially for S I waited a few days before going to the library so I could pick up several of my requested books rather than just one or two at a time.
Here they are
From the top down - Mrs Miniver to re-read after reading the other Jan Struther last week.
The Lanimer Bride by Pat McIntosh, the 11th in the crime series set in 15th Century Glasgow.
Ruth Goodman - she of odd clothes on TV! - How to be a Tudor - A Day to Dusk guide to everyday life in Tudor Britain. I Think I borrowed How to be a Victorian, also written by Ruth a couple of years ago but can't remember reading it so maybe I didn't.
Josh Spero - Second hand stories. Not sure how I heard about this, it's about a man who tracks down previous owners of his second-hand books.
Signal For Vengeance by Edward Marston, the umpteenth book in his railway detective series. They are becoming  a bit same-y so I might read it or not.
Sandlands by Rosy Thornton. These are short stories inspired by the "sandlings" - Suffolk's coast and heaths Area of Outstanding Natural beauty, which we lived on the edge of for 23 years.
The New Homesteader by Bella and Nick Ivins...............see below.............

I soon looked through this book and here is the Book Warning! -
Only read this if you are a wishing for a smallholding/ homestead and have pots of money!
Cover Lovely new book, Gorgeous pictures, but Oh My Goodness, this Self Sufficient family are not short of a penny or two.

Here's the description from the library website -

Ten years ago, Bella and Nick Ivins left the city behind and relocated to Walnuts Farm, high on the Sussex Weald. Inspired by the Modern Homesteading movement, they decided to embrace self-sufficient way of life. 'The New Homesteader' tells the story of their family life on their home farm and provides all the knowledge necessary for anyone thinking of embracing self-sustaining lifestyle and starting their own homestead or urban farm - or even just tending their own little plot to provide a supply of fresh ingredients throughout the year.

Reading this could leave you green with envy.
We had the smallholding but never had the spare cash, now we have the spare cash and no energy for a smallholding!

Such is life :-)

You need a £20 note to buy  this book but if you are hard up borrow it from the library and spend your £20 on something edible, like an apple tree for instance, for the smallholding or garden!

Back Soon
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Extra PS Our youngest has started a blog HERE, Wonder if she'll have time once Dot-the-bump arrives! :-)



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