Thursday, 11 August 2016

This and that..........and books

Thank you for so many comments. Hello to Bridget, good to hear from you and lovely to see you back blogging and thank you to Pat (hope you are still recovering well). Thank you to everyone who's reading Col's Facebook page, there is a smiley Jacob as his page header now.

We don't feel particularly brave dealing with Non Hodgkins, just getting on with it day by day and looking forward to the end and full recovery when we can decide what to do next. Whatever we do it's got to involve growing fruit and vegetables in a bigger garden, as I'm really missing it.

Col has now had all his nice clean stem cells back, we might be at the end of treatment, just waiting to see
  a.  what effect that last chemo session will have,
 b. how low his blood readings will go
 c .how long he will take to recover
 d .if he can avoid  infections while his immune system is almost nil.
He isn't in complete isolation, I've been everyday and he's had a few other visitors but he's asked people to check how he's feeling before they visit. The cancer specialist nurses encourage a bit of walking about - down the corridor, not into the ward, - to keep muscles working

The phone was sorted on Tuesday afternoon - ahead of predicted time, blimey - well done BT (no-one says that very often!) I'm struggling on with the lap top - it's slightly better than it was - but I don't want to take it in to the 'puter shop until Col is home with his lap top.

According to the weather forecasts we are in for a heatwave next week. I've found the electric fan from the box in the garage and given it a clean ready to take in to hospital. His room has been very warm some days so temps in the 30s will be horrible. The windows don't open very far - presumably so that no-one hurls themselves out in despair at the quality of hospital food!

I'm still loving the Olympics, I've watched all sorts of sports never usually seen on TV. There are just 2 things that don't appeal - namely water polo which just looks like a whole load of blokes(or girls) playing ball in a pool and beach volley ball - more blokes(or girls) playing ball on a beach!
I watched the Gold for the 3m synchronized diving, well done them and  better than Tom Daley who I've always  thought was a bit too pleased with himself.

Read this book the other day, got to the end and decided I must have missed something as I was lost, didn't get it. I remember this feeling when we read The Gun by C.S Forester at school when I was 12!

CoverI haven't bothered to re-read The Gun and I won't be re-reading The Other Mrs Walker either.
Instead I have a pile of Large and Heavy (weight not content) library books to get through, couldn't decide which to read first so choose instead another Angela Thirkell off my own shelves and read most of 'Cheerfulness Breaks In' while at the beach hut last Sunday.

 Other book news
 I think this is the first of the British Library Crime Classics that I've not got into. Too silly.
I'm not sure if I can cope with this book. It's huge and scholarly. Having read many of the war time books published from Mass Observation. I was interested to see the history of the organisation set up to record what ordinary people thought, but it's a bit dull so far.

Col read this a couple of weeks ago although it was one I had requested from the library after hearing about it somewhere. He wasn't sure I was going to like it and I've not tried it yet.

Also I must finish the Beatrix Potter diary, started it weeks ago and got put off by the weight of it! ( perhaps I can see the benefits of an e reader for a book this size).

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  1. Are you sure that is the right link to Col's Facebook page as I am getting someone else I think?

    1. So I discovered!! I must have highlighted only part of the name when I was adding the link and got someone else- very odd. Have put it right now

  2. I am really enjoying the Olympics, and the track and field hasn't even started yet! Love the shooting, gymnastics of course and swimming. Waiting to see the ladies weight lifting. So much to see and you do end up watching things you woldn't dream of doing so at any other time. All best wishes always to Col.

  3. I'm bot into sport at all do I take myself off and watch something else while hubby is glued to it. Looking forward to the next chapter of your life growing more fruit and veg again.

  4. I must get to the library and get some books, I just don't get much time to read nowadays ( unless you count blog reading, then I would probably reach my daily reading quota!)
    I'm not looking forward to the heatwave, I'm a frost and snow person!

  5. Can't understand it - I haven't been able to get into a book for well over a month! I usually read about a book a week, but have gone right off. Strange!

  6. Read Col's page. I won't bother him as a total stranger, but will pop on to follow his progress. Saw your lovely grandbaby on there! Such a happy little soul, a total joy for Colin and you both.
    You are so right, nothing brave about dealing with cancer, you just have to take each day as it comes and deal with it as we did with Dad.
    Missed so much while I was not on here. ~~~Deb

  7. Thank you for sharing the Facebook link to Colin. Little Jacob is really a lovely/handsome little lad. Clearly his beautiful face is an inspiration to his Granddad.

    I loved the message that someone named Wendy posted "Take comfort in the Lords protection" many are praying "thy will be done" for Colin.

    I do hope you get to explore in your caravan and get another house with a big garden so you can grow fruit and vegetable. Lots of homes with big gardens in the Trimly St. Mary area and very convenient to both Felixstowe (beach hut) and Ipswich.

  8. Thinking of you and Col and can't wait to read about your new adventures-x-

  9. Water polo is in fact one of the most violent sports out there, famous clashes between Hungary and Soviets back in the day, I think also Serbia and Croatia

  10. We are watching all the different sports, the diving was spectacular and I agree with you Tom Daley. Glad things are going well, you are right once you are on the cancer merry go round, you just keep up and do everything to get well.

  11. Made a trip to the library myself, but I am afraid I stuck to all fiction this time around. I need to rest my poor brain.

    God bless.

  12. It is great that Col is coming to the end of his treatment and that you can look forward now. Take care xxxx

  13. Beatrix Potter has a diary!? How did I not know that....I must be living under a rock. Off to find out about it now.