Thursday, 4 August 2016

Falling apart

No, not me or Colin, but things around the house.

The home phone ........I can't ring out and the phone isn't ringing, but is displaying a notice saying "Line cord error, please check". So I unplugged, fiddled about, plugged in again and it still says the same thing. Mmmm, only bought it in March. (Can't be outside the house as we still have WiFi).

The kettle............ has stopped switching itself off

This lap top.......... needs a serious sort out, I think it's clogged up with bumph or a virus is creeping in. I lost the touch pad curser completely earlier and it's always seizing up and telling me I have an unresponsive plug in. I wonder if there is a small computer shop around here like the one we had in Leiston. There's no way I'm going anywhere near PC world!

Meanwhile I went to the Wednesday car boot sale and bought these things. Another wooden toy (shape sorter house) for the grandchildren cupboard for £1 ( I realised that I broke my self-imposed  £1 limit with that teddy-dressing- puzzles-in-a-box last month Tut Tut!)
Basket for a Xmas Hamper 50p and the 3 tin plant pots on a tray also for Christmas also 50p. The First aid tin was £1 - that's for the beach hut. The Summer Chintz coasters were also £1 and the children's books were 10p each.

Thanks for comments. Colin isn't in complete isolation, but visitors have to be free from illness and clean! he has 6 days of different types of chemo then the stem cells are replaced. By then the Chemo will have reduced his immune system to nothing which is why he is in one of the en-suite single rooms in the hospital. He will also be feeling pretty rough and won't be let out for three or four weeks until immune system and platelets have built up again. Hopefully he will then recover to give us up to seven years in remission - that's when we will be visiting all the places on THAT LIST (searched through half of last years posts to find it!) and probably more.

Elise asks what I do for cooking and eating while on my own.  Lunch is always salad and something followed by a big bowl of seasonal fruit. That's what we both have anyway. For dinner I always start off with good intentions and have several one portion home-frozen meals in the freezer or I'll make a stir-fry with mini veggie pancake rolls ( Asda freezer). Or a piece of Frozen fish baked and eaten with coleslaw. I'm very happy to avoid "meat and two veg" meals and will probably not eat a single potato all the while that Col is in hospital! Toast and an egg (fried or scrambled) is my standby for when I can't be bothered.

Back shortly


  1. The lap top thinghy did you upgrade to windows 10, a while after I did I started having those issue, I did a search online and found how to change settings, it was a confliction with real tek, I find feeding myself the hardest i always had good intentions then find they slip I tend to have small meals.

  2. Reading Dawn's comment, I've had a lot of computer issues with sluggishness since upgrading to W10 and have heard this frequently from others. Of course, I've taken to W10 brilliantly so really don't want to remove it. How did we ever cope without computers?
    Sending healing light for Colin's treatment to go smoothly for both your sakes.
    Lots of lovely bargains again!

  3. Around here we have a free bi-monthly magazine in which it is very cheap to advertise and that's how I found my computer chappie and various other useful people. Is there anything similar around you? Church magazines also tend to be good for finding small local tradespeople. I've just bought a new laptop via the local man and he set it up for me (transferring stuff from the old one) and gave me a quick lesson.

  4. Isn't it funny how we eat totally different meals on our own than when we are with our husbands, I would probably eat very few potatoes either and very little meat and a lot more things like beans - as in pulses and beans, not baked beans.

  5. Sending healing thoughts for Col and hugs for you both through this tough time ahead.
    Love your car boot bargains...especially the first aid tin-x-

  6. I wish I' never changed to windows 10. I have had my laptop repaired once because of a software issue ad its still sluggish. Never had that with windows 7. Great car boot finds. Get well soon COL.

  7. Another one whose computer slowed and started playing up regularly since installing Windows 10. But we do go to PC World who have solved every problem for us at minimal charge after our first £50 computer overhaul.

    Hope Col copes well with the treatment, and I hope he has lots of books to read and a television to watch. At least if he's a sports fan there's there's the Olympics ... every bloody day ... can you tell I'm not into sports ;-)

  8. Penny Lane computers at the top of Dales Road. Brilliant place to take your laptop. I think they are still there, hope so anyway, whenever I've had a problem that's where I go and they get it sorted quickly and not too expensively.

    Things always seem to go wrong at the same time! x

  9. Glad I have a mac although mine has really been messing me about recently. Hope all goes well with Col and you as well. Not easy being the other half in these situations either.

  10. Good boot sale haul again , Well done , Hope cols treatment goes well xxxx

  11. I really wouldn't worry, you should see my bombsite flat that I want to purge but am always too out or too tired to do.

  12. Hope Col's treatment goes well.
    As for said things in the house that seem to be going
    wrong - kick them - might not work but aids frustration.

  13. Even if you have Wi-Fi working it could be your outside phone line that's the problem. I've had problems with the phone twice in the past year and both times it has been a loose connection in the local junction box - and both times the Wi-Fi has been fine.

    I've had a terrible run of luck with household appliances lately. DVD player has been bust since March, washing machine has had TWO new heater elements this year!!, rotary washing line snapped off at the base and dumped all my clean washing in the dirt on Sunday. And, also on Sunday, I had to get an emergency plumber out to fix a fast-worsening leak on the pipe to the cistern. Plus have recently had to replace the kettle. It's all fun and games in our house as you can probably tell.

    Am wishing you and Col all the very best with his treatment.

  14. Wishing you both all the very best.
    I hope that this time Col is away passes quickly for you. You have a many nice times to look forward to.
    Sending love, Pam in TX.xx

  15. I hope you get your phone and laptop up and running correctly soon. Of course it has yo happen all at once. Praying for Col and his treatments. We had a young teenaged friend who had stem cell transplant some years ago. My daughter went to see him regularly in hospital. I wanted to go but always had a cold. Later after treatments ehen he stayed in a hotel with his mom for awhile I was able to visit. Lots of food restrictions beforehand. Dewey is doing well now even though he's bald. But he's still with us! And married!! Hugs and enjoy your meals. I like baked potatoes.

  16. That's a lot of treatment for Col, hope it all goes well and that the time passes quickly for you both. I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 on and I am not particularly impressed, don't mind change but not when it's that drastic! Xxx

  17. We still use Windows 8... My husband just recently Made the Re Mark "never Touch a running system". When we Do bet another laptop, we will Most likely have to Chance but currently lease it as it is.

    Great Fundus of yours!! All the best to Colin!!