Tuesday, 2 August 2016

It turns out that all I needed was ...............................

...............a couple of weeks off to catch up on a few things.

And Blogging Mojo returned. Phew! - I do miss writing.

While I was absent................

The inner pockets to hold the lavender in the cross stitch sachets have been finished.

I read several books, which have been added to my 2016 books read page

We visited friends in Essex (where I tried to give away 3 books but my friend already had them!)

We both went to a car boot sale ( first time Colin has felt well enough this year) where I found these
 I love the dressing teddies puzzles and always wanted to get one from The Early Learning Centre for our youngest years ago, but could never afford it, so thank goodness for carboot sales as this was £2. 'Little Grey Rabbit at Christmas' was 50p and 'The Brontes went to Woolworths' by Rachel Ferguson - A Virago Modern Classic was just 20p

We had a couple of lazy days at the beach hut.

The cross stitch picture of a standard fuchsia is  finished. Threading the beading needle to sew on the seed beads was the most difficult part! It has been mounted in a dark green aperture card and will be a birthday card for Col's Dad who lives in " Fuchsia Cottage"

 I wrote a few letters

We spent a Sunday afternoon in a very civilized fashion ......listening to The Suffolk Concert Band in Christchurch Park. Here they are settling into their seats and warming up.

 And IF this video works, you might be able to hear them.We both love Brass band music. Its always a happy sound.

Now I shall have a quieter than usual 4 weeks as Colin has gone into hospital for the final part of the treatment for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has taken the small camera and his laptop to keep a diary for his Facebook page.

Horrible grey drizzley weather here today, I'd better do the ironing.

Back in a day or 2 providing my lap top keeps going, its got rather slow and temperamental recently.


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