Monday, 15 August 2016


Finally - after 4 and a half months - we've received all the deeds and land registry stuff back from our solicitors. The hold up due to the Land Registry Office being really busy because of so many people buying and selling during March before stamp duty changed. It's fascinating to see old house deeds and just like Fareacre we have deeds going back to the nineteen-thirties. The odd thing is it seems that this bungalow was built in 1955 exactly the same at Fareacre, but using better quality building materials.
 We've got maps with all the field sizes before this huge estate was built bit by bit over 80 years and I guess still on going, as a house and bungalow down the road both sold off part of their garden to make room for a new bungalow just last year.
There is even an old Building Society Book to show where a mortgage was paid off in the 1970's.
 What did surprise me is we seem to be only the 3rd people to have owned the bungalow. The original owners had it built and then the lady lived on here after she was widowed until she died aged over 90 in 2011.

Now how things have changed - no more deeds with beautiful copperplate writing, tied with ribbon and sealed.............. just a piece of paper telling you your property purchase has been registered with the Land Registry.

  Looking through everything I came across the survey done for the people who were here before us and it mentions all the ceilings were covered by polystyrene tiles - Thank Heavens they were removed before we got here!

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