Monday, 1 September 2014

Small Drum Roll Required, giveaway for post number 500!

Just back home in time for the promised book giveaway in celebration  of post 500.

There are a bundle of 8 books all about different aspects of self sufficiency. ( They are left from the days when we bought and sold books at smallholding shows, don't worry, I still have the ones in my blog header!)
I would like to keep this as simple as possible being a Simple Suffolk Smallholder so it's JUST FOR UK PEOPLE ( sorry USA,Australia, Norway and elsewhere).

What to do?
Be a Google Friend Follower ( only because I like the little pictures on the right!)
Leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY between now and Thursday evening 4th September
I will write down the names of all the people who have commented ON THIS POST on bits of paper and put them into a hat type thing ( box!).
On Friday morning C will pick one out.
I will say on Fridays post who has won, and give our email address.
You will email with your address over the weekend.
I will wrap them up and post them to you next week with good wishes that they will come in handy.


Thank you once again for all the get well wishes re the illness thing. I thought I had to trek back for a CT scan this week but it seems I just need to  take the antibiotics, rest and recover and go for another X ray in 6 weeks time .

Back Tomorrow, when it must be time for The Year in Books Link



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