Monday, 8 September 2014

A bright Monday

The sun has shone today at last, the campers onsite are sitting out enjoying the warmth.
C took advantage of the dry calm weather to work at our neighbours where she wanted some weeds spraying, I made him put his clothes in the wash as soon as he came back - such a nasty smell.

The winner of the 500th post giveaway has contacted me and the books are winging their way to Gloucester, good news indeed.

I gathered enough energy to bake bread this morning- actually the Kenwood Chef dough hook does most of the work, 2 loaves, 10 bread rolls and also a plum pie made. C put the final lot of plums into the freezer. I need to make some herb rolls and cakes too sometime this week, three weeks out of action and we are running out of so many things. I managed to get to the end of the mile high pile of ironing yesterday, but the basket was only empty for a few hours before another lot came in from the washing line. Ho Hum - there's never an end to housework.
Gardening clearance work is also way behind  schedule, I wanted to get the rest of the raspberries pruned before we got too much wet weather, perhaps by the time we get to next week I shall be back to full strength.

Nothing fantastically interesting or frugal to write about today

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