Friday, 26 September 2014

Busy doing nothing much

I went to get the hoover to run it round the living room but then...........

I saw some egg/pumpkin money  had come through the letterbox so went into the porch to pick it up........

While there I noticed there was only 1 campsite handout leaflet left on the shelf so............

I went into the craft room to photo copy a few more as we have some bookings for this weekend and next week.

While I was waiting for the copier I noticed I had 2 cards half started on my desk so.......

I finished making one,changed my mind about the second but added the finished one to my card box..........

That made me wonder who I had to send cards to in the next couple of weeks so............

I had a look in my birthday book and then found 3 cards to send..........

That made me think about when our new penny-pincher letter group person had a birthday so.........

I found my letter with the information............

That reminded me to look and see when it was my turn to write a penny-pincher letter so......

I  looked at when I did my last one then........

I spent a few minutes reading through my last letter which reminded me I ought to do the back exercises that I had written about............

By which time almost an hour had passed and I had completely forgotten about the hoovering!

Meanwhile back in the world of really busy people, C was cutting his way through the dead elms, loading them into the little trailer and adding them to the wood pile in the shed. ( If you want to know more about the dead elms, there is a long reply to a comment left on yesterdays post)

It's been a while since I last did a list of "what food grown or produced we have available here today" so on the 26th September the list is
Onions ( in storage)
Runner beans
Autumn Raspberries
and the last of the sweetcorn
In the freezer we have
Cooking Apples
Broad beans

Home made eaten today
Apple Pie

No chance of going hungry today 

After 4 nights with an empty campsite we have 4 caravans/motor-homes in tonight including one staying for 9 nights, so just as we were thinking we wouldn't be taking much more money this season we  will be able to put another £204 in the savings.

Welcome to Catherine, a new follower on Google Friends and thank you for comments yesterday.

Back Tomorrow

PS am I the only person excited to see the return of Strictly on TV tonight - even if I haven't got the foggiest as to who most of the " celebs" are.
PPS My new boots took me for another energy restoring walk today, just a wee bit further than yesterday and back again. Not a pheasant to be seen anywhere today.


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