Saturday, 6 September 2014

What a grey Saturday

It's half dark at 4 o'clock and for the second day running there has been no sign of the sun.

I've been resting in between doing a few odd jobs - baking some scones, ironing and a bit of cleaning. C has been busy outside- topping the hayfield, cutting some pallets for small wood, moving some water around from the big tanks behind the shed to the smaller water butts in the garden and doing all the normal campsite and chicken/egg work. I hope by the end of next week to be able to take on most of my jobs again.

Two catalogues in the post this morning one was the first 2015 seed catalogue from Marshalls and the other a Christmas one from Lakeland. Some of the prices in the Lakeland catalogue are exorbitant, who is going to pay £6.49 for 60g of chocolate just because they in the shape of 4 shoes? Or an empty Colmans mustard tin to " store your bits and bobs", when for a couple of £ more you could get a much bigger tin filled with mustard to use. Then there is the salt and pepper mill for £49.99 just because of the Conran name. 50 quid! heck, think how many books |I could buy with that!

Which reminds me. -  Inquisitive 1ady- you were the winner of the 500th post giveaway, you need to email me on the address on yesterdays post and send me your address before Monday morning or I will have to pull another name out of the box.

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