Sunday, 14 September 2014

Family Get Together

Cs sister had been planning a family barbeque for the summer. But our two eldest were so busy all summer that it got round to today before everyone had a free day. Even then our Future Sons-in-law didn't make it, one busy with work stuff and the other a bit poorly.

Luckily the weather stayed fine for us to sit out the back of their lovely old farmhouse, watching the fish in the pond that was probably part of a moat when the house was first built over 400 years ago.

Before heading off for lunch, C and our eldest went to the car boot sale. I've not been to a boot sale for weeks due to the darned pneumonia and lack of energy. Think of all the treasures I might have missed! C came home today with just a box of screws to make staging for the greenhouse for his customer. ( I wanted to hang on to the staging we had ). Our eldest came back with a gardening book and  a GIANT length of hosepipe on a reel almost too heavy to carry.
She went to have a look at the HUGE pumpkin on the field and couldn't believe the size, it's gone on Facebook with caption " growing a pumpkin to turn into a coach for my wedding!"

I'm now back resting yet again........boring.

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