Friday, 5 September 2014

And the winner is....................... ( + it's library day)

Thank you for everyone who entered the 500th post giveaway, there were loads of names in the hat. So just after midday, we sat down for lunch, put all the names in a hat which was actually a cake tin, C jumbled them about and pulled one out.

 inquisitive 1ady

You are the winner!
Of all these useful books

So if you contact me by email sometime before the end of the weekend with your address, I'll get them parceled up and off in the post as soon as we are in town next week.

Good grief! look at the colour of Cs hands in the top photo, he does wash - honest, but spends more time fiddling with machinery and in the garden than he does indoors.

After a cuppa mid-morning it was time for me to make a start on that mile-high ironing pile, I did 20 minutes before feeling worn out, had a rest and then did another 20 minutes. I can see this recovery will be a slow business.

Library day has come round again, but no biking down the road for me this week, we went down together in the jeep and came home with a giant pile of books as usual. Here are my share. What a treat!

Lots of crime fiction, of course, some cookery books to browse and a couple of weird ones - "The Knowledge " is subtitled - how to rebuild our world from scratch after nuclear war, meteorite strike or pandemic virus! - sounds scary! The other odd one is The Big Necessity - adventures in the world of human waste. Oh yuck, I saw this on the library van shelf and wondered what it was. Not sure I shall get right through both of those. Isn't it amazing what people write books about.

Right, I had better finish  -lots of reading to do
Back Tomorrow

PS Thanks, as always, for all the comments, they are much appreciated.


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