Thursday, 25 September 2014

On my walk I saw............

 My new boots have had a small try out, just 10 minutes up the road and back, I'm starting gently!

 On my way I saw about 2 dozen young pheasants. They were on the field and on the road and C said later they were all over our field. The people who organise the shoot in the local woods must have just released them.

  I saw that the farmer hasn't reinstated the footpath across a field like they are supposed to do after cultivating.

 I saw a long bit of fallen branch so I dragged it  home and added it to the wood heap.

And then I saw this, which means the hole in the road outside our house is going to be repaired at last. It's quite deep and everything has been going lump, lump through it for weeks.

 *       *       *       *       *       *

We were given another bag of cooking apples today so I decided to turn some into a couple of pies straight away, I also mixed up some crumble topping to store in the freezer and tackled the kitchen windows, they had got so bad it was embarrassing. 

C was working at our neighbours this morning, clearing out her poly-tunnel and cutting back her summer raspberries but before then he had already been down the road and moved the irrigation stuff. The job will probably come to an end soon as the carrots are almost ready to be lifted.

This afternoon he started to cut up the dead elms that he cut down a few weeks ago, they can go straight into the wood shed. I need to start cutting kindling wood again soon, there are only 2 sacks in the shed and once we start lighting both the Rayburn and the wood-burner everyday we will soon use them up.

Thank you for all the comments about the expensive walking boots and cheap meals out. We shall be eating at home for the foreseeable future! Our youngest and her bloke came round for dinner tonight so we tried the first of the "proper" lamb joints  from the half lamb pack bought earlier this month.
With roast potatoes, parsnip, runner beans and carrots- all home grown. That's what you call a real meal!

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