Friday, 19 September 2014

More sun and more potatoes

The early weather forecast said thundery showers spreading up from Essex  but although the fog and cloud hung around until 11am, once it had gone it was jolly HOT. C found shorts and I went from tee shirt to vest top.

After moving the irrigation stuff yet again, C lifted  the other two rows of potatoes, they were like the first row, some OK, some scabby and just a few with blight. Which is good, because although  the tops looked a bit dubious a few weeks ago and he cut them off there was no way of knowing how much blight had got down into the spuds.

I got on with some baking as there were no cakes left in freezer. I made Shortcakes and mixed up another two packets of the 20p bun mix from Approved Food. They are just plain vanilla but I've been chucking in a few sultanas to make them more interesting. I won't bother to get anymore, even at that price. They taste too artificial for my liking.

Two phone call bookings for the campsite today, one for this weekend  and one for a weekend in October. Every year we always dither about it being worthwhile staying open through October. If the weather is wet, it can get quite muddy which makes cleaning out the toilets a bit of a pain, it also means cutting the grass regularly - just in case.

There are lots of theories about the amount of berries predicting the weather for winter. This is our variegated Holly near the house, it's got more berries on than I've ever seen on it before. They never get very big and are always more orange than red, the birds always eat them before Christmas so I never get to bring any indoors.
It was less than 5 foot tall when we moved here, now it's as high as the house.

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