Monday, 15 September 2014

A Warm September day

Last week C had a call from someone asking if he would be willing to help to take two pigs to the abattoir. C said yes and then remembered our horse-box trailer was still full of sacks of coal that we had bought off a friend almost a year ago. He also knew that some of the paper sacks had got damp and disintegrated so that the coal was falling out of the bottom, so he was expecting it to be a long job to empty the trailer. Thank goodness most of the sacks were still OK and he has now taken the trailer down the road so the man can feed the pigs in the trailer to get them used to going in. This, by the way is a very handy tip for anyone thinking of keeping pigs to fatten up. Pigs take a lot of shifting if there is somewhere they don't want to go! We are now wondering if we will be paid in pork or cash, I'd prefer pork!
C has been out twice today to do the irrigation equipment moving on two small fields then  again later to set it running overnight on a bigger field.
My day has been yet another day of odd jobs and resting in between including sitting out in the September warmth.

Welcome to four new people who have clicked the Bloglovin' button. I fear you have started to follow  when my posts are a bit dull, normally they full of smallholding jobs and frugal ways, I hope you will stick with it until I can get back to full health.

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