Sunday, 7 September 2014

Time for the tree following link again on 7th September

Linking in with Lucy at Loose and Leafy blog.
Here is my pink flowered Horse Chestnut as we head into Autumn
The leaves are starting to turn brown, we've had very little rain here for several weeks and the few conkers are still hanging on. They are completely different to conker shells on a common Horse Chestnut, being smooth and golden rather than green and prickly.
We've a lot of tidying to do later in the year, there are some small maple and ash trees growing up again after being cut to ground level a few years ago. They need cutting right back again to let more light/moisture into the fruit cage.

Still no email from inquisitive1ady re winning the draw for the self sufficiency books. I'm not sure what I should do if I don't get a reply, how long do I wait? I've never done a giveaway before and assumed that anyone who had entered would look to see if they had won and reply straightaway.

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday about Lakeland. I think they are good value for some things but not for their chocolate, food and Christmas stuff. I suppose SOMEBODY must buy it? Our local Lakeland shop in Ipswich is in one of the oldest buildings in the town, The Ancient House and is all small rooms and stairs up and down. There is a small courtyard, lots of plaster pargetting and beams and one room has a display of things found in the house when it was last renovated. It's one of the places people visiting the town always stop to photograph.

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