Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Frugal-in-Suffolk spends a small fortune!

If you read regularly you'll know that our main way of being frugal is to stay at home!
But every now and again we  venture out and it was about time for a few hours away from home plus we had the Gardening Club voucher for Wyevale restaurant, 2 meals for the price of one and a voucher for £5 off £15 in the garden centre. So that's where we headed for a meal out - a VERY rare occurrence. As often happens when we eat out we were disappointed - it was cheap and edible - just - and that's about all the good things you can say. The BOGOF was only from their daily menu board and the choice was limited, Fish  and chips, Ham, egg and chips or Quiche and veg.
  We won't bother with going again. The other voucher was used to buy a Christmas present and as that was also a BOGOF it was a proper bargain.

BUT the bit that wasn't frugal was going into Woodbridge and spending a fortune on a decent pair of walking boots. Way back on April the 9th last year  when this blog was just a baby, I congratulated myself on finding a pair of boots for £20 to replace a much older pair. HA HA. They were OK for a while but then started to leak, whatever waterproofing I used didn't work, I kept getting wet feet which is no fun and after a while they weren't even very comfortable. So instead of trekking around Ipswich to the sporty outdoor type shops we went to a proper shoe shop and found me the most expensive article of clothes/footwear I have ever bought in my life. I hope they are worth it. They are beautifully comfy. I'm going to walk my way back  to fitness and then get even fitter!
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