Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A little rest and a little work.

Yet another day of odd jobs and resting in between, I'm afraid this is getting a bit monotonous. I had a phone chat with my doctor today and she said what everyone else has said.........lungs take a while to recover, 6 weeks to get back to full strength and don't push myself too hard.

Now here is a very weird thing. A neighbour was away all last week and came back Saturday having felt a bit unwell for a few days. Saturday night she called for an ambulance as she was having breathing problems and her pulse was way up ( she was a nurse many years ago so knows about these things). She has been in hospital since and guess what she has? Pneumonia! now how strange is that? except she has complications too, poor lady.

So what have we being doing today.
We popped to Saxmundham for the bank, the post office and a few things from Tesco. C has been making the greenhouse staging for his customer, moving the irrigation stuff, fetching the potato lifter from our friend and mending our neighbours small mower. I put some more pears into the freezer, picked another big bowl of autumn raspberries, read a book, sat in the sun and did a bit of cleaning.
My frugal fact of the day- Except for a couple of lemons,we've spent nothing on fruit since the 22nd of July and yet there hasn't been a day without some fresh fruit to eat - not bad I think.

Many thanks for comments yesterday to Dc, Out my window, Julee, Chickpea, Midsuffolk Meadow (hope the AGM goes well but what happened to your blogging W? :-), Karen, The reason I save, Morgan and Julie. Plus some nice comments from Jonathan Gutteridge at The Money which seems to be a web site with ideas for working from home and earning money on line. Sorry Jonathan I won't be joining in with paid advertising on my blog!

I forgot a couple of things in yesterdays list of veg grown here namely parsnips and leeks, neither are grown to sell. We haven't started either yet but the leeks are looking very sad, like all the onion family this year, rust disease has been a big problem, just look at my Welsh onions in the herb garden.
They really shouldn't be looking like this!

Good luck to any readers in Scotland - hope you make the right decision tomorrow- whatever That is.

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