Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Tour of East Suffolk

Thank you to everyone for comments yesterday, welcome to new followers on Google friends and goodbye to someone who has disappeared from Bloglovin'!

A very chilly start to the day this morning but at least the sun was shining.
 It was time for one of our mornings out to fit in as many errands as possible while getting the chicken feed. First stop was to collect the picture that our friend had framed for me. It was the water colour that looked like a fishing village not far from us, that I picked up at a car boot sale for £1 back in July. Then across country to a butchery place that does all sorts of things at good prices, more stocking up the freezer, chicken wings, thighs and a couple of chicken breasts plus some belly pork slices. Loads of meals for £25, with the lamb we got the other day we have enough meat to last us for months. Further east to the packaging place as we had completely run out of the small perforated plastic bags that we need for selling tomatoes etc. Back for the chicken feed, which has actually gone down by 10p a bag. Farmers everywhere have seen a big fall in what they can get for wheat this year so we were hoping feed prices would fall too. Next to pick up some glass that C had ordered ready for putting in our old greenhouse which is now at his customers home in Leiston. Finally we stopped at the Factory Shop in Saxmundham to buy some new pillows, some of mine were really old ( and I mean REALLY old!) they have them there at 4 for £10. The old ones were feather and can go into the compost heap.
Then home in time for lunch.
A few odd jobs done this afternoon and then  C had a phone call  from our farmer friend asking him to go and sort out the irrigation system ready to start watering again, it hasn't been used for a month so he went off at 4 O'clock to sort that out.
And that was another day almost gone

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