Saturday, 20 September 2014

Pears for winter

We had some rain this morning but not enough for the carrot fields so C had to go and move the irrigator, but he was back again in 15 minutes because the tractor had a flat tyre. He had to wait for the tyre place to come out and mend it before going back later.

We picked off the rest of the pears as some were starting to go rotten on the trees, I looked on the supermarket web sites and pears are currently about 5 for £1, so this is about £6 worth but

it's a pity that all this lot only make about 6 bags of prepared pears, but at least they are now safely in the freezer for winter. I like to eat fresh pears only when they are dripping with juice, but ours always seem to go bad before they get really ripe.

 C was out again after lunch as someone up the road had asked him to tow a very old VW camper-van from one place to another. I think it took longer than he thought, or maybe just longer than I thought! They had to put new wheels on it to get it moving.

It was such a gloomy morning that to cheer things up I made a few scones and then fiddled about with odd jobs and later fiddled about with card making, achieving nothing much on both counts! Thankfully I was saved from a wasted day by an unexpected visit from my sister and brother-in-law who have decided to cross the border and move back into Suffolk. ( They were only in Norfolk, but we always say passports are needed to get there!)  Hopefully they will find something in our part of the world.

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