Sunday, 21 September 2014

At last I get to a car boot sale

I hadn't been to a boot sale since the 16th of August so it was good to have enough energy and a fine Sunday morning to pop up the road.

My haul
A red sugar storage jar and a small red bottle ( to add to the red things in my kitchen) were £1 and 30p. A pillowcase for 20p, a big pile of 7 ink cartridges for our printer were £12 and a huge bag of pears for £2. I'm glad I looked at the My Supermarket website yesterday to see how much pears were selling for or I wouldn't have known if this was cheap or not. They've gone in the freezer with our own. I'm very pleased with the ink find as the same thing happened about this time last year, so we've not needed to pay the exorbitant price that Epson charge for ages. Our printer, which we've had for several years, is very intelligent and knows if you try a cheap version - "Incompatible cartridge" comes up on the little screen thing!

Thanks to all the laying about resting I've got to the end of the crime fiction that I brought home from the library van 2 weeks ago ( 6 read and 2 abandoned). So I've read one of my own books for a change.
Because I had read, loved and bought to keep her other books " Good evening Mrs Craven" and "Minnie's Room" I knew I would enjoy this and  by the wonders of the modern world it came to me from The States for less than the price of a newer edition and postage from the UK.
First published and set in 1946 the whole book is just one  day in the life of a woman (who before the war had servants) her husband who had been away for 7 years and their young daughter. It's about how life changed because of the war, how some people were unable to accept the changes while others enjoyed the new world opened up to them. It was a good read.

I got into trouble yesterday when C read my post. I had written that my sister and brother-in-law were planning to move to our area of Suffolk and someone commented that it's nice to have family close and I replied that it will be good as we have no other family. WE meaning me and my sister. But C read it as WE meaning me and him. " We have got other family" he said "what about my dad,sister,brother etc etc.!" Crossed wires I think!

Thanks for pear comments yesterday.

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