Monday, 22 September 2014

Plenty of Pumpkin Questions

 We sold our first two pumpkins yesterday and 5 more today and brought another load more in off the field  ready for selling this week(and 1 squash). I did a rough guesstimate of how many we have to sell and I reckon close to 100!

 So how come when I wanted less pumpkins than last year we have more and when I wanted more squash than last year it looks as if there are a lot less?

We've found from previous years if we sell them all for about £1.50 people will buy them. If I put the bigger ones out with a higher price tag they get nicked. Why are pumpkins the only things we have pinched off the stall?

And why are there so many different sizes when they are all from the same seed packet?

And what the heck are we going to do with the MONSTER and the other 4 which are almost as big?

So many questions.
So few answers.

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