Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Apricots - what a treat

Welcome to a new followers - Retrowren Wren  and John Gray- I see I now have 56, did anyone read Johns blog  (Going Gently) the other day when he was wanting more followers so as to get to 600! I think I have a way to go.
Lovely sunny day here today - still need rain though.
We weren't sure what jobs to do today but needed to get some blackthorn out of the fence beside the campsite driveway where it had appeared. ( Don't want a camper or a dog to walk into one of the sharp spines - Health and Safety!) While we had got the secateurs out we decided to start on pruning. Raspberries first, taking out this years fruiting canes and gently bending all the new growth up between the wires. The long bed in the garden was finished, but it got too warm to do the  two new rows in the fruit cage. This is usually a job I do on my own, but with Him Outside not doing any work for anyone else at the moment I had some help. He also did some odd bits of grass cutting in various places and put the topper on the tractor to do some more serious cutting up between the trees at the top of the field.
We had an hour sitting out in the sun this afternoon - the joy of self employment and simple living!

And look what we had for dessert tonight - Our own Apricots.

 We planted two trees in 2008. In 2009 - nothing. 2010 - 2 apricots. 2011 - 4lb. 2012 - nothing. This year 9 apricots. Not exactly a good return on investment, but we are ever hopeful. So for a while we are fruitless as the summer raspberries have finished. Next will be damsons and plums and the autumn raspberries, then apples and pears.Then the long wait until the rhubarb season next spring.


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