Thursday, 8 August 2013

Campsite Inspection Day

Every year the Camping and Caravan Club site inspectors come around to look at our campsite. The couple who've been coming for several years are retiring so this will be their last year. They don't get paid, only expenses and spend several weeks in summer just going around looking at Certificated Sites. It's not a job I would like, apparently some site owners are awkward and don't like the inspectors coming, it doesn't bother me as I know everything on site is OK. My biggest moan every year is how little mention us small site owners get in the Club Magazine. Lots of information about the big Club sites though. They need us CS owners as membership of the Club increases year on year and without us there wouldn't be enough pitches for all the members.

Before they arrived we had a visit from the Healthy Heart Rehab Lady. I wanted to listen in to find out what Him Outside will and won't be able to do. It seems he needs to take things steady until the next stent is done and then build up strength until he should be able to do almost everything he could do before, except avoiding things that causes strain on the chest area, like really heavy lifting and pushing a heavy wheelbarrow. So that's good news as it means between us we should be able to manage all the normal work here.  Keeping his blood pressure low seems to be the most important thing, so that will need regular checking, and we had better not have any arguments!

I heard a bit of interesting news early this morning on the radio. It has been discovered
- probably- that drinking two cups of hot chocolate drink every day could have a good effect on slowing the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain that cause dementia. It was a very small survey and seems to be all ifs, buts and maybes, but I reckon two cups of drinking chocolate everyday sounds like a very good idea, whatever the effect!

See How They Grow!

This is the first photo I took of the tomatoes in the new big polytunnel

Here is the second, several weeks later

Here they are today after a good tidy up and lots of leaves removed to let the light in, and a close up of some of the best plants. We are dissappointed with the San marzano plum plants this year they are poor , some with only 1 truss of fruit set.
I had a count up to see exactly how many plants we have in the 3 tunnels. There are 75 tomatoes, 8 cucumber, 7 aubergine, 11 chilli peppers, 10 traditional shaped pepper plants and 12 of the pointy pepper. We are selling 5 or 6 bags of toms ( just over 8oz in each bag) every day and 2 or 3 cucumbers. The chilli peppers are sold in a bag of about 8 for 50p, with a bag selling every other day roughly. The other peppers are still to ripen to red.
8pm and jobs done for the day, a load of nothing on TV so it's time for a good read.
Back tomorrow


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