Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stocking up again; This time it's a years supply of wheat for the chickens

Another lovely day, sunshine and gentle breeze, I'm glad we didn't move west to wet Wales 4 years ago. I think this dry sunny weather makes me feel so much better.
2 caravans out today and 1 caravan and a trailer tent coming in. The caravanners arriving said what a lovely quiet, tidy site we have, so I don't know what they'll think when the farmer who farms the land all around us starts on the wheat cutting, the combine is HUGE and LOUD, but at least with such huge machines they get done quickly, although they sometimes work until midnight!
The friend who we got the 9 chickens from last week, SEE THIS POST  also had lots of wheat, stored in barrels that he wanted to sell, so Him Outside went over with the trailer and collected it all this morning. We chuck a scoop of wheat in whenever we need to go into the chicken runs as it keeps them out of the way- otherwise they get right under you feet. We've now got enough to last a year or more. The barrels have clip on lids so will be handy for all sorts of storage, he also bought 2 big chicken feeders and a carton of new egg boxes. We will probably sell on the feeders via the Suffolk Smallholders newsletter.
Just a quick post today as I want to finish this book asap.

  Her books are always good, if you like historical crime novels and haven't discovered Anne Perry then you are in for a marathon reading session as she's written at least 45 books ( probably more but I've only read two of the series she does) not counting her Christmas novellas.


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