Thursday, 29 August 2013

Thursday Notes

Thank you to heleng, Gill at Frugal in Derbyshire, Sft at saving for travel, Angela at Tracing Rainbows, Attila and Dc at frugal in Norfolk for comments yesterday. It was interesting to do the maths on AF orders - keeps the old brain active.
Also welcome to some new followers - very pleased to see you.

Another lovely day, we have been so lucky with the weather here although we haven't done much outside today as I made bread and organised dinner for tonight when our youngest and her other half will pop round for a roast. It will be the very last chicken in the freezer from some we raised from "off heat" age a year ago. We used to buy them in at 6 weeks old from a bloke who got the "leftovers" from one of the big poultry producers. Unfortunately he can't get them anymore so the next chicken we buy will be from a butcher or supermarket. The other alternative is to buy in meat breed chicks at a day old, but the minimum order is 100 and when we last did this we had problems selling on some of the chickens for other people to finish. No room in the freezers here for 100 chickens!! and not allowed to sell them prepared for the table without all the proper butchery rules and regulations and approvals. Red Tape - Don't you just love it! I'm wondering when the time will come when some city person will decide that chickens need Electronic Identification Ear Tags too!

Him outside went to get a new packet of tablets out of the cupboard and found they had been missed off his last prescription, so he had to make a special trip down to the doctors to sort that out. He also bought a new battery for the jeep to see if that will improve the starting of the blinkin' thing when the weather gets chillier.

Good news on the empty campsite September diary problem after two phone calls today. First someone coming for 2 WEEKS! - Quite unusual. Then the day they go another caravan in for a week.

After being stuck indoors all morning I was planning on getting back to the raspberry pruning, but it was so hot in the fruit cage I decided to leave it for today, so I had a wander with the camera instead.

The very old Bramley loaded with apples.

Plums slowly ripening

One row of raspberries pruned. One row still to do

More Conference pears than we have had for years.

The Fig Tree, hope some more ripen, after two bad years the tree looked dead, but looks better now
 That's me done for today,
Back tomorrow when I hope to do the blog about budgeting that you may have glimpsed when it got accidentally posted before it was finished.


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